If you remember AlwaysClose, the free jailbreak tweak allowing you to close applications from the multitasking App Switcher without having to hold down on an application to enter jiggle mode, then you might have thought about how this idea could be expanded and made better. Today, a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed CloseEnhancer by iOS developer Rudolf Lichtner has been released and it does an excellent job of making this idea even better.

The tweak goes beyond just keeping the close buttons open at all times in the App Switcher (optional), but it includes some other small adjustments for making the App Switcher more elegant to use. The preferences pane for CloseEnhancer is shown below:

The first option of CloseEnhancer is the ability to enable and disable the tweak on demand with a switch. Under this switch is where the fun begins. The first option allows you to choose how you want to close applications from the App Switcher. The second option allows you to choose whether or not you want to put the iOS into jiggle mode to close applications and under that you can choose your close button style. The last two switches are also useful; the first one lets you enable or disable a feature to hold down on the home button to close all backgrounded applications and the second switch allows you to enable or disable a feature to double-press the home button to close the last application you were in. After every change to the options you make, you will have to tap on the button that says, "Respring to apply changes."

By default, the double-tap option is selected for choosing how you want to close applications. Of course, you can tap on the close button if you would like, however you have the option of double-tapping the application icons, swiping up on them, or even holding down on them to close the applications instead. The other option you have is to change between iOSís default red '-' buttons or a custom black 'x' button for jiggle mode. The first image of this review shows you what the black 'x' buttons look like. Tapping on them does the same thing no matter which style you choose.

Since CloseEnhancer is a free jailbreak tweak, all of these features are really nice to have. It all comes down to if you like the way the multitasking App Switcher works, or if you want to modify some of its styles or functions. CloseEnhancer can make your multitasking experience faster depending on the options you enable. You can swipe up on applications much faster than tapping and holding on an icon to enter jiggle mode and then close applications individually. The close all applications option comes in handy as well for freeing up memory, although it doesn't always work. Give this tweak a try!

Name: CloseEnhancer
Price: FREE
Version: 1.0
Repo: ModMyi
Developer: Rudolf Lichtner
Editor's Rating: / 3.5/5

Sources: Rudolf Lichtner