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Thread: Texas Instruments Already Producing Chips For September New iPhone Release

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPili View Post
    Waterproof!!!! PLEASE!!!!
    . Uh,..... Ya....? Waterproof(ing). It's nano-coating. A possible w/ apple.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZĄG View Post
    I really hope the iPhone 5 does not look like that.

    ooh god, I think I'd prefer the design above before the design that website

    I also hope they never remove the physical home. then how would we enter DFU mode to jailbreak and restore?

    I gotta say, I really love the current design of the iPhone 4/4S (Am I the only one here?lol). To me it looks perfected. The device is actually very sturdy. My iPhone 4 has takin' some mean falls, and it seems pretty tough to me. With a bumper on, the edges are raised so it's well protected with even a small/thin bumper case on it. If the design changes too much, I'm not going any higher than a That's just me tho. To each his own.

    The current design is "almost" perfect. I say "almost" only because I wish the screen was maybe a 1/4" bigger. Even a half inch wouldn't be so bad........Any more then that is way too big IMO.

    The edge to edge screen does not look too bad I guess......If only the curved edges and bezel back wasn't there (Which I think looks good actually, just scratches way too easily and just not practical IMO), and it was more square like.
    actually, me being a consumer also, I would love for apple to keep the design of the phone the same, make it a little bigger probably, 4. 4.3??? And maybe an actual keyboard adapter? I have seen one diddnt know if it is real surprise us an give us something cool like a tilting screen but do not,! Change the design. The phone is cool but modifications we are aware of, no matter what I'm brainwashed, I will probably be first in line to buy the 5 anyway. Foc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s0ulp1xel View Post
    Can't find it on Cydia. Is it on Cydia?
    you'll need to have bought either Celeste or YourTube or another currently-in-beta app by cocoanuts. if you have done that, add to your sources. that repo won't add unless you've purchased a Celeste, yourtube or mark read. check your pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by s0ulp1xel View Post
    Can't find it on Cydia. Is it on Cydia?
    You need to go to manage>settings and give yourself developer privilages. It is not an app

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkailburn View Post
    I can't wait. Battery on my 4s is chit. So is the god awful buzzing static noise I get on 90% of calls. Sigh. Hopefully the new hardware will prove better. I'm also crossing all my fingers for a larger screen.

    Btw I love the mockup in the original post. Edge to edge screen plus thinner top and bottom. Looks great!
    Thought I was the only one that has that light static on phone calls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AUZambo View Post
    how much y'all wanna bet that the next iPhone will simply be dubbed "The new iPhone" and not "iPhone 5" or something similar?

    That question is kinda out of place, but I see several people here calling it the iPhone 5 and it just got me thinking.
    According TFA TI employees stated apple execs referred to it as iPhone 5, but who knows at this point. What are the going to do in 5 years... I suppose iPhone X

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlee19841 View Post
    Thought I was the only one that has that light static on phone calls.
    Nope tons of people have it. I remember reading a 30page thread on apple support about it. No idea if apple has ever acknowledged it. But it's annoying isn't it!

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