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Thread: Siri Co-Founder Says Steve Jobs Wasn't Sold on Siri's Name

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    Default Siri Co-Founder Says Steve Jobs Wasn't Sold on Siri's Name

    Sure, we all know what Siri is. But do you know what the name Siri means? It's Norwegian for "beautiful woman who leads you to victory."

    As it turns out, Steve Jobs apparently didn't dig beautiful conquering Norwegian ladies. Okay, so we don't really have any proof of that assertion. But we do know for certain that he didn't like the name Siri. That much was made clear by recent comments from Dag Kittlaus, one of Siri's original creators and a former executive with Apple.

    "I worked with a lady named Siri in Norway and wanted to name my daughter Siri and the domain was available," Kittlaus said in a speech this week. "And also consumer companies need to focus on the fact that the name is easy to spell, easy to say."

    Once the iPhone maker acquired Siri two years ago this April for a speculated price tag of $200 million, Steve Jobs really liked what he saw... just not the name. Kittlaus admitted to trying to convince the late Apple chief of how cool the name was, but Jobs still wanted other options. When none proved more attractive, Jobs reluctantly agreed to keep Siri's original birth name.

    "What's particularly interesting about this," writes Yoni Heisler of NetworkWorld, "is that there are similar stories regarding the naming process behind the iMac and the iPod - two products with names Jobs reportedly didn't care for either but ultimately acquiesced to after not being able to find better alternatives."

    Source: NetworkWorld

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Essany View Post

    Sure, we all know what Siri is. But do you know what the name Siri means? It's Norwegian for "beautiful woman who leads you to victory."
    Doesn't make much sense for those who have a male Siri.

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    I have a little girl voice Siri... Am I going to prison? Lmao

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    Wikipedia says it stands for "Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface" and in Urdu (maybe Hindi as well), Siri means brain, which I think is the most fitting.

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    I wonder how Steve Jobs felt about the color blue. You can't get less irrelevant than his like or dislike of certain names. He's not the only one at Apple, you know.

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    I like Siri. Sounds cool.

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    I had a baby girl 1 month ago, and I loved Siri that much I decided to call my child Siri-Leigh

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    My first perception for SIRI was also "Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface" , i keep believe it so.... as I know nothing about Norwegian, neither Urdu or Hindi......

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    Man, I haven't seen that face in a year!

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    Siri is a very common name in India. It is a variant of Sri - meaning the Goddess of Wealth.

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    He wanted to name it Steve.
    "Time circuits on...flux capacitor...(gulp)...fluxing"
    Please read again I only give one warning - thanks!

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    As anybody ask Siri?

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