If you recall Stefan Möllenkamp’s famous Mail Enhancer jailbreak tweak for iOS’s stock Mail application and thought it was extraordinary, then you will be very delighted to hear about his greenest release, Mail Enhancer Pro. Coming with full iOS 5 support and even more features, Mail Enhancer Pro brings the Mail application to a whole new level of usability and user-friendliness. It comes with tons of new customization settings the Mail application never had before:

Most of Mail Enhancer Pro’s features can be found in our Mail Enhancer review, so to keep things simple we will just list those out for you and then explain the newer features more in depth. The features Mail Enhancer Pro adopts from Mail Enhancer include:
  • The ability to set up to three kinds of signatures for each email account
  • Auto-translation of HTML code as you type
  • Customization for how notifications alert you via priority settings for each email account
  • The ability to change how your e-mail senders' names appear
  • E-mail highlighting for easier message discerning

New features include: 1. Swipe actions for quickly deleting, flagging, or marking any e-mail message as read. The swipe actions prove faster than having to manually tap the edit button and select them all one by one to do these actions; 2. Rules for actions such as auto-deleting certain senders’ e-mails; 3. Rules for notifications such as automatically marking them read; 4. Less memory usage and a faster interface response.

Unfortunately removed from Mail Enhancer Pro is the Quiet Hours feature and the ability customize the text for popups. The Quiet Hours feature allowed you to set a certain time window where you would receive no notifications from e-mail; great for sleeping at night.

In the turn of Mail Enhancer Pro having full iOS 5 support, the predecessor Mail Enhancer only has partial iOS 5 support and will be updated again some time this summer for iOS 5 support. What’s more is Mail Enhancer Pro will continue to have more features than Mail Enhancer even after this update.

If you are a Mail Enhancer customer, you will get a discount from Mail Enhancer Pro. If you purchased Mail Enhancer between January 17, 2011 and April 6, 2011, then Mail Enhancer Pro is a $3 upgrade. If you purchased Mail Enhancer between April 6, 2011 and June 13, 2011, then Mail Enhancer Pro is a $2 upgrade. If you purchased Mail Enhancer between June 13, 2011 and March 20, 2012, then Mail Enhancer Pro is a free upgrade. All new customers will have to pay the full-blown $4.99 for Mail Enhancer Pro. For overlapping dates, certain times apply; Cydia will tell you how much you are eligible for paying.

If you aren't sure whether Mail Enhancer Pro will be useful for you or not, here are some instructions for toying around with a free trial, compliments of the developer.

Name: Mail Enhancer Pro
Price: $4.99 (upgrade pricing available) + FREE trial
Version: 1.0-2
Requirements: iOS 5
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: Stefan Möllenkamp
Editor's Rating:  5/5

Sources: Stefan Möllenkamp