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Thread: [Review] AccountChanger - Easily Swap iTunes Accounts From the App Store

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    Default [Review] AccountChanger - Easily Swap iTunes Accounts From the App Store

    It’s a known fact that many people have more than one iTunes account. Whether you have a family and each person has their own iTunes account, but you share a single iDevice, or you simply have more than one iTunes account all to yourself for some reason, switching between them to make App Store and iTunes purchases has never been easy. It requires you to go digging into the Settings application to sign out of your currently signed-in iTunes account and then sign into a new iTunes account.

    Apple should have long ago implemented a feature directly into all of their iTunes store applications (App Store, iBooks, and iTunes), unfortunately, they didn’t. Taking the first step forward is iOS developer typ0s2d10, who has created a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed AccountChanger to help us easily switch iTunes accounts directly from the App Store application.

    As illustrated by the screenshots above, AccountChanger adds an 'Accounts' button to the purchased tab in the App Store application. Tapping on the 'Accounts' button then yields a spin box for selecting any of your iTunes accounts that are affiliated with any content on your iDevice (only one, in this case – blurred out for privacy). Simply tap on the iTunes account you want to use and log into it to start using it for the App Store by tapping on the 'Login' button.

    AccountChanger has some notable bugs since it is a beta release as noted in the Cydia description. The bugs include your default iTunes account being reactivated when you leave the purchased tab in the App Store or when you have the iTunes application running in the background while using this tweak, your default account will be used as well. We can expect these bugs to be squashed in the near future, however these existing bugs make the tweak very hard to recommend for the time being. The iPad is not supported yet, but it is coming in the future. AccountChanger requires iOS 5 to install.

    Name: AccountChanger
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.9.4b
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: typ0s2d10
    Editor's Rating: / 2.5/5

    Sources: typ0s2d10

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    too buggy.. it sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricky7uio View Post
    too buggy.. it sucks
    that sucks cause i was going to say ABOUT FREGGIN TIME LOL..

    its really annoying switching between the two accounts i have

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    I must be missing something! There is a account button at the bottom of the app store to change accounts with out leaving the app store! So why the need for this tweak???

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    Quote Originally Posted by scroogelives View Post
    I must be missing something! There is a account button at the bottom of the app store to change accounts with out leaving the app store! So why the need for this tweak???
    For me i have more than one itunes account. So if i want to buy something from one and im signed in on the other, i have to scroll down to the bottom and press sign out.. then scroll back to the bottom to press sign in.. put in my email and password then press sign in then go get the app i want.

    if later i want to switch user accounts i have to do the same thing over again.. this lets you change it on the fly

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    Great idea, but it crashes every time I switch accounts.

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    To those of you who say 'it sucks' Why do you have to be so rude? Someone has had a good idea, probably spent lots of time developing this, they are not charging for! it How about a bit of encouragement? For sure if it's buggy warn the rest of us but please be nice about it.
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    well since i install this tweak my app store went all f*&cked up all my categories are on chinese and now it does not even connect to the itunes store i tried to uninstall it but my app still all messed up theres any way to reverse rhis like changing some files or something cuz i cant restore it as i have a i4s

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