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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] MenuWeather - The Only Weather App You'll Ever Need

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    Default [Giveaway] MenuWeather - The Only Weather App You'll Ever Need

    MenuWeather is an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous new weather application for the iOS device lineup by iOS developer Evan Coleman. The features are extensive, the appearance is nothing less than eye candy, and the user interface is absolutely simple to use. As soon as you download the application and launch it for the first time, you are greeted with a nice tutorial that shows and tells you how to use the application with both words and miniature animated demos. It even takes full advantage of the retina display on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPod touch 4G. MenuWeather will find and use your current location automatically and still give you the option to punch in manual locations after that.

    Using the user interface from the main tab of MenuWeather, we find a pane, which shows us our weather: true temperature, feels-like temperature, wind speeds, humidity, dew point, pressure, visibility, and location. Included with that is a Google Map of your global position and a nice little picture showing you your outside status, in this case, a moon because it’s nighttime. From this pane, you can pull upward to refresh your current weather information, or you can pull down to Tweet your weather conditions to your Twitter followers and you can pull down even further to post a Facebook status about your weather conditions to all of your Facebook friends. MenuWeather uses the Facebook application to post to Facebook and uses the iOS 5 Twitter integration interface to Tweet on Twitter.

    One more tab over, we will find a forecast tab. This tab will show us a weather forecast for up to the next fifteen days. The forecasts are small previews showing us the outside conditions and high and low temperatures, but by tapping on one, we can choose to see the full weather forecast which shows for the current date in the first tab of the application or we can see an hourly forecast of any day on this list.

    Another tab over will show us the current astronomy conditions for your current location. Since the screenshot was taken at nighttime, the moon shows and it tells us it is a full moon with 99% illumination. It also shows us the time of moonrise, the time of moonset, the time of sunrise, and the time of sunset for the current day.

    The next tab tells you about any special weather alerts currently in effect for your area. In this case, Cupertino, California has a special weather statement. Anything about severe weather alerts will pop up here and it’s a great place to look if you’re having odd weather outside and want to know what’s going on.

    The last tab is for seeing radar maps. It uses Doppler radar. By default, you will see a regional map, which will show you a region of the place you are examining weather for. In the case of looking at Cupertino, California, the regional map will show us only the Western half of the United States. The national map will show us the entire United States country, and the local map will show us only the California area. These three views allow you to see the radar from up close and far away.

    An application wouldn’t be complete without some kind of user settings; it’s true. MenuWeather comes with settings to make life more convenient for you, one of those conveniences being iCloud sync so you can keep your MenuWeather settings in unison with all of your Macs. The other settings include:
    • Changing temperature between Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, and Rankine
    • Changing distance between Miles, Kilometers, Nautical Miles, Feet, and Meters
    • Changing speed between Miles Per Hour, Kilometers Per Hour, Knots, Meters Per Second, and Feet Per Second
    • Changing pressure between Inches Of Mercury, Millibars, Kilopascals, and Pounds Per Square Inch
    • Changing depth between Inches and Centimeters
    • Changing time between 12 Hour and 24 Hour clocks

    MenuWeather for iOS didn’t pop up out of nowhere. Evan made it because he had already made a Mac version, which would show your weather conditions in the Menu Bar of Mac OS X (so named MenuWeather). Evan’s vision was to make an all-in-one weather application, which would pull your location automatically and show you everything you need to know without needing more than one weather application on your iPhone.

    Unfortunately, MenuWeather has not been optimized for the iPad yet. It will run in 2x mode, however Evan says that when he gets ahold of the new iPad, which Apple just announced, he will make it compatible with it. This means it will work with the best iPad on the market as soon as it gets iPad support. This is exciting news.

    Normally, MenuWeather would set you back $1.99 to reserve your copy in the App Store, but Evan was generous enough to offer to give away FIVE copies to the lucky ModMyi readers.

    If you'd like to win this weather management application for yourself, then simply leave a comment and complete the widget below to get the most points you can:

    <iframe src="" height=580 width=420 scrolling=auto frameborder=0></iframe>

    Sources: Evan Coleman
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    Sounds awesome, Id love to give it a try!

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    I am in! Waiting for it.

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    me want!

    i would love this!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    this sounds pretty cool, ill def be getting it!

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    Weather I win or not, I am happy to have had the floury of opportunities to win. Come rain or shine I will keep checking back!

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    I'm in xD

    Ansious to have a nice weather app

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    need a good one

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    love me some nice weather apps. I've already tried out all the other popular ones. Would definitely love to check this one out. It looks pretty sweet and very informative which is obviously what one needs in a weather app without being as ugly as some others.

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    I like fishing a lot and i will like that one as well

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    Looks really useful!

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    im in lets give it a try!

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    hmm.. a lot of poor reviews in the app store and people pointing to this free alternative:

    Meteorologist | Free software downloads at

    worth a try before i blow $2.

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    have been looking a a great weather app since i have had an iphone. this is it, sun rain snow at least i'll have the app to tell me that

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    sounds awesome would love to try it

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    The Wunderground app does all that stuff and more, and its FREE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruzzer08 View Post
    The Wunderground app does all that stuff and more, and its FREE
    didnt know wunderground had an app will check it out, this looks nice dont know if i would like it enough to pay 2 bucks for it

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    My iPhone is a Part of Me n0m0n's Avatar
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    I am looking for a good weather app

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone Dranon's Avatar
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    Looks cool

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    I want to win

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