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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] The Drop Out - A Fun New App Store Game

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    Default [GIVEAWAY] The Drop Out - A Fun New App Store Game

    The Drop Out is a new game for iDevices, which has been released today by Digital Poke for 99 in the App Store. The game requires skill and patience, making you launch round creatures at square, furry creatures to try and knock them over and land them to safety. You will get points for landing the good, square and furry creatures, however you will lose points for landing the bad, square and furry creatures. You will also lose points for every one of the round creatures you have to launch to complete your mission.

    As you advance through the levels, the game will expect more from you – getting harder as you go. Somewhere in each level is a golden star you want to collect, while at the same time trying to meet your score goal. The star is optional, but it looks good on your score. With each advancing level, you will meet new challenges such as new creatures, new barricades, or new abilities.

    The game-play and interface of The Drop Out feels very similar to Angry Birds, a game where you launch objects at standing objects to disturb them. In The Drop Out, you must launch the round creatures from the left side of the screen behind the dotted line, however you can launch from any height or angle you want to in order to get the perfect shot. With moving platforms, this can serve as a challenge.

    Taking the game out for a spin ourselves, we were very impressed by the graphics and game-play of The Drop Out, which was astoundingly fun and looked great on the retina display. The Drop Out has countless levels, which will last you a very long time; this is especially so since the levels become genuinely challenging as you advance through the game. There are more worlds to unlock as you complete levels.

    If you’re looking for a fun game to play while you’re waiting for your dentist appointment, or you’re just bored as you wait for someone to come and pick you up, then this game is a great way to entertain yourself. It is recommended for all iOS gamers of all ages.

    Robin of Digital Poke was generous enough to offer to give away FIVE copies of The Drop Out. If you want to win, leave a comment below and complete the widget below and get the most points:

    <iframe src="" height=580 width=420 scrolling=auto frameborder=0></iframe>

    Sources: App Store, Robin of Digital Poke
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    Looks nice wanna try it , ThX

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    I'd like to try it

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    Want to try it as well
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    looks like a fun game!

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    I'd love to give drop out try sign me up please.

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    i would like to try it too

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    This game is amazing! Beautiful graphics, awesome unique gameplay, and quite challenging. This may look firmiliar but I can assure you its not just another angry birds copy by any means. The gameplay is comletely unique and really awesome. I've been looking for a new game to play after I got tired of angry birds and cut the rope and I can honestly say this is a more than worthy replacement! These devs should keep up the great work, cant wait to see what will come in new updates!
    You should also check out their 360 Browser app, Ive been using it for a while and its got way more features and speed than any other browser out there with a sexy interface.

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    I would love to try this!

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    Game looks pretty fun I hope I win, will saying please make a difference. PLEASE!!!

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    Cant have enough games

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    I don't play too many games on my phone, but this one looks like I could get into

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    This reminds me of Topple. I would definitely like to try this!

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    This gane sound really fun and well thought off according to the pictures and reviews. I hope I win me a copy!

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    Looks Cool!

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    it looks COOL !

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    Sounds very similar to Blosics... Wonder who copied whom?

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