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Thread: ATF Ditching BlackBerry Handsets for iPhones

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    Default ATF Ditching BlackBerry Handsets for iPhones

    Apple’s iPhone is invading another government agency and this time its the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

    The ATF will swap out 3,800 BlackBerry handsets with replacement devices, 60% of which will be iPhones according to Politico. The ATF will complete the change over a one year time span with ATF Chief Information Officer Rick Holgate confirming the ATF is going to “delete BlackBerry from the mix.”

    The biggest reason for the departure is device functionality according to Holgate. While BlackBerry devices share many of the same features with the iPhone like GPS, cameras, and video streaming, the iPhone's ease of use and adaptability make a “more functional and compelling case.”

    The ATF is currently readying software licenses and updating their mobile device infrastructure to accommodate the new devices. Roughly 2,400 special agents will begin receiving their iPhones as early as March. The ATF’s will replace the remaining 1,400 BlackBerry devices with other undisclosed handsets(Windows Mobile? Android? Symbian...ha.)

    The ATF’s adoption of the iPhone follows the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s decision adopt the iPhone. Which government agency will be next?

    Source: Politico [via AppleInsider]

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    I agree with their decision. Much more functionality. Poor blackberry just can't keep up anymore unless they release something really amazing. (unlikely)

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    Wonder what would happen if they Jail Break it ?!?!?!

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    They've made a smart move, no point in having a crackberry these days when you can get something much better like an iPhone. I'm not saying BB is crappy or anything but they just aren't keeping up with iOS and Android and that's why people are leaving them. It's funny, I went to a crackberry forum site and they talk up their phones like there's nothing else available out in the world and that iOS and Android are the crappiest things ever lol! I don't know what these people will do when they go under and they can't buy BB anymore...probably die.

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    I've had a crack berry for 7 years, yet I find ways to avoid using it.

    The Blackberry is not quite a regular phone, nor a smart phone. I think it's a retarded phone.

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