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Thread: [Review] GroupRinger - Custom Tones for Contact Groups

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    Default [Review] GroupRinger - Custom Tones for Contact Groups

    When you need to assign certain contact groups with different text tones or ring tones than the rest, a new jailbreak application dubbed GroupRinger by iOS developer Thiago de Conti Araujo gets the job done effectively and only sets you back 99. GroupRingers is compatible with third party ring tones or text tones that you create in addition to the stock tones that Apple loads into all of their iDevices.

    With the power to assign certain contact groups with their own ring tone or text tone, you can effectively choose which calls or text messages to pay the most attention to without even taking your iPhone out of your pocket yes; iPhone. Unfortunately, GroupRinger is not made to work with any other iDevice. You can make a contact group within the application for annoying people and assign a silent tone to them to help block out annoyances during your day, or you can apply louder tones to a group of more important people to help hear their notifications if you are harder at hearing. It will work on both iOS 4 and iOS 5, which is a plus.

    GroupRinger places an application icon on your home screen where all the configurations are chosen. The first image of this review shows the main interface of the application and the image below shows you the interface for managing your contact groups. GroupRinger does not have preferences for individual contacts, unfortunately.

    Ordinarily, using an iPhone means that all of your contacts share the same ring tone or text tone. If you want to keep your business life separate from your personal life, then GroupRinger is a great way to discern who is contacting you so that you can deal with each at the right time. Taking GroupRinger for a test drive of our own, it works very well in keeping your contacts apart and does exactly what its advertised to do.

    If you want to do more than simply change which contact groups share a specific text tone or ring tone, then RingerX VIP may be a better alternative for you it allows you to set specific tones for individual contacts and not only groups and includes the feature of a mute timer. It costs a little more, but it may be a better run for your money and its preferences are contained within the Contacts application keeping your home screen from showing another icon.

    Name: GroupRinger
    Price: 99
    Version: 1.0
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Thiago de Conti Araujo
    Editor's Rating: / 3.5/5

    Sources: Cydia, Thiago de Conti Araujo

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    Purchased the App, work great. It assign the ringtone to Apple default individual tone which act perfectly. The only problem right now, it cannot see the custom ringtone from UnlimTone tweak but Thiago promised a support version is going to release soon.
    I will rate this app as 4 Stars and the support is good.

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