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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] Graviboard 2 Released With iOS 5 Support

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    my phone crashes everytime i try to use this app... ive set it up to activate several different ways and it always crashes... are there any other apps/tweeks that it is not compatible with? (Barrel, infinibord, jepit, multiflow, or orbit)
    ps you guys ROCK... been on MMI since iphone 1... back when you had to be smart to JB your phone... lol... all the stupid people thank you for the GUI's to unlock now...

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    I feel like this is more realistic. The physics seem more real, probably because of Box2D. I must say, it i great to have it back on my iPad...

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    That's a fun looking app indeed!

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    Finally, you can hold the power of gravity in the palm of your hand (or hands). Well kind of. Cool tweak for some fun.

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    That's a fun looking app indeed!

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    Oh winning. Been eager to try this tweak for a while. :P

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    I've always liked graviboard. And graviboard 2 looks cool.

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    This widget thing seems really lame.

    I can't access it from the ModMyi application and don't understand why they have it sorry to poop on the party.

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    Can't wait to try Graviboard2 on my iPhone 4S!!!

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    Gotta love it...

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    Love it, can't wait to get it on my iPhone 4S!!!

    Coolest Cydia App ever!!

    I think i'm gonna buy it anyways

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    best tweak to have, glad it came out for ios 5 i hope i win !!!

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    This would be great to show off to my friends!

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    I'm using the tweak MOTION will the two interfere with one another.....

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Finally! I've wanted to check this out for iOS 5.

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    Thanks for doing this giveaway! I've missed Graviboard since I upgraded to iOS5, I'm glad to hear that it's back.

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    Nice stuff, I want to win but I'd have to jailbreak first!

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    Default Graviboard 2
    Graviboard 2 will be so wonderful. I know when I tried it the first time all I wanted to do was go to my springboard and activate it. I'm sure that with more time, the tweak will get better. I'm really supportive of this tweak and I want to do anything I can to make it better if that means feed back or comments on how it could be better.i think it would be better if the folders could also move if that isn't already supported. Another thing that could make it better is if the apps could bounce to other pages. I just think the tweak looks fenominal & I've never won one of this Giveaways so if you picked me I would be truly grateful and would send any feedback to make the tweak all that it can be.

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    FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ITS BADASS!!!!

    yes i know i had my CAPlocks on... ~

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