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Thread: [Review] QuickSiri - Always Open Full-Screen Siri

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    Default [Review] QuickSiri - Always Open Full Screen Siri

    Released today is a jailbreak tweak dubbed QuickSiri by iOS developer c0redev. The point of the tweak is to start Siri up in full-screen mode as soon as you fire her up so that you can evade the lag of opening Siri on older devices running Spire. According to the developer, QuickSiri will make Siri load faster as well. The side-by-side screenshot above does a great job of illustrating how Siri fires up in full-screen mode upon initial launch.

    In my own judgment, I have no idea what suggested lag it was supposed to be fixing and therefore, I don’t see much of an alteration between opening Siri the regular way before installing QuickSiri and opening Siri in full-screen mode subsequent to installing QuickSiri. That being said, the lone change I have discerned was a graphical appearance change. Any lag that I have experienced in the past has been due to limited memory resources - this tweak doesn't decrease that memory usage.

    The tweak is completely companionable with both Spire or Siri on the iPhone 4S, although the only reason I see for installing it is if you like the appearance of having Siri in full-screen on its initial launch instead of that multitasking App-Switcher-like user interface that is brought up when you begin using Siri. It also has no options to configure from the Settings after installation and you will have to uninstall it to get rid of its features.

    C0redev announces in the Cydia description for QuickSiri that he plans to be adding an update in the future that presents you with the capability to hide the help bar (where it says, “What can I help you with?”) or the capability to move it all the way to the very top of the full-screen Siri window. Hiding the help bar would, of course, make Siri appear the way she does after the initial launch when she enters full-screen mode even when you are launching Siri initially.

    Since QuickSiri doesn’t appear to do decrease any lag for me, I can’t really say that the Cydia description is accurate; therefore I have to deem the tweak faulty. Although, if you adore the idea of Siri continuously being a full-screen interface at all times, then this tweak might make you happy. In a way, I prefer having Siri in the full-screen appearance. You can grab it for free in the Modmyi repository and it will require iOS 5 and some kind of Siri capability.

    Name: QuickSiri
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0-1
    Repo: Modmyi
    Developer: c0redev
    Editor's Rating: / 2.5/5

    Sources: c0redev
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    I Love this tweak and On my iPhone 4s it does seem to have a quicker response time...I recommended for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ariel_A View Post
    I Love this tweak and On my iPhone 4s it does seem to have a quicker response time...I recommended for sure
    Agreed!!! It opens Siri up /much/ faster on my iP4 using Spire. Great mod, no doubt!!

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    Sounds cool. Spire slows my iPod down but that was before it got updated. (I don't know if its any better now.) This tweak sounds like it would be less slow starting it up which it always was when I had spire installed.

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    Looks ugly. I can definitely tell why apple didn't put in this material at release

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    iDB demos this tweak using an iPhone 4 and its a massive difference.

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    from my point of view, their seems to be a slight difference in speed when opening up on my iphone 4 with spire. However, i like this tweak because its fun to look at my customized siri background using 'customsiribackground' the tweaks pair perfectly if you ask me.

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    This is great, definitely makes spire open up quicker on my iPhone 4.

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    For me it worked.iP4 spire

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    One hell of a difference for me in speed!! Thanks c0redev! My iPhone 4 with Spire is ALOT quicker!

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    Big difference for me. iPhone 4 with Spire.

    Recommend it if your using Spire. 5 stars from me.

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    Default i hate full screen siri
    siri is definitely faster but the full screen siri idea is stupid. its ugly and theres no way to make it normal. can anyone tell me how to change the height of siri without using siri height

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