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Thread: [Review] Bulletin - Get Notification Center On the Lock Screen

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    Glad you enjoy it. I didn't. And I have no use for it now. That's why there's so many different people and options. We're not all the same. My iPhone hates it. Yours loves it. All is well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianblondeau View Post
    Glad you enjoy it. I didn't. And I have no use for it now. That's why there's so many different people and options. We're not all the same. My iPhone hates it. Yours loves it. All is well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKCHRIS View Post
    I still see IntellaScreenX as the Best out there..unless they can make one with Less Features but keep some of the Major stuff but say for......$4.99 or....$3.99
    Agreed. This tweak is much cheaper though. If all you want is notification center at the lockscreen, this is a good deal for a buck.
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    i had Intellescreen X and didnt care for it, nor need all the features so this is perfect.

    i also emailed the developer suggesting he update it with being able to press the home button to close the NC on the lockscreen, and and a few hours later there was an update in cydia including that feature!

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    I have to add my 2 cents as well. ISX is pretty and a nice idea but it would always lock my email up if I were to either dismiss or delete an email from ISX. I would wonder why my emails weren't coming in, so I'd go open the email app and it would just set there, then finally just close. I'd have to go to the task switcher, close the mail app, then re-open and all of a sudden a flood of 20+ emails would come in. I just did a clean restore and re-jailbreak, so I'm going to give it another go. Hopefully it was just a simple conflict with another tweak I had installed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianblondeau View Post
    ...With all the tweaks for notification center, all you need is to be able to have it on the lock screen and ISx is pretty much useless for me.
    Agreed. Besides, ISx has no option to enable/disable NC, so it's kind of redundant. I realized now that $?? for ISx only for iTicker and settings toggles that we can get from SBSettings ,Omni Stat, twitter, facebook, mail widget and so on. Talking about crash and bugs, in fact, the developer himself did so many updates/upgrades in just about 3 months.

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    does not work when charging, or with omnistat for NC. Please update. Runs smooth also rather then blurriedNC.

    But enjoy it greatly. TY

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    I am having trouble getting Bulletin to work at all. I have resprang and rebooted several times, though my lockscreen just stays looking the same.. Stock - like I just bought the phone with the standard Slide to unlock and time, with my wallpaper.

    I have LockSliderz installed, but it's disabled, so I am not sure if any conflicting there. It just won't show. Like it's not installed at all.

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    okay i like this tweak... i have it installed and i have android lockscreen installed as well... the problem is when i click the notification from the lockscreen, it bypass my lock without me entering the pattern.. so its quite unsafe.... please fix

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    Am I missing something? I can't enable Bluetooth when accessing from lock screen with omnistat.

    Can you fix please!
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    Any fix on this yet?

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    app Lockinfo is more comfortable for me

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