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Thread: Cellhelmet: We Guarantee Your iPhone 4/4S With Our Case

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    I just pledged. So when do we pick what colors? I want black/white.

    Anyone know??

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    Quote Originally Posted by vantheman169 View Post
    why do you want to eat pasta off of an iPad? I dont get it.
    When I'm rich enough, I'll be able to use iPads instead of paper plates! It's a sign of wealth, so it's a life goal

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Matthews View Post
    If you're going to eat pasta off an iPad, you should use this wallpaper:

    Thx lol. That is a mighty fine wallpaper

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    The back looks ok, but the front looks absolutely horrible to me. I like my phone to be protected, but this is just an eye sore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexevo View Post
    So for $94.99 I can get a new iPhone to replace mine which has a scratched screen?
    cellhelmet is for accidental breaks. If your iPhone breaks inside of a cellhelmet it will be repaired or replaced (if deemed unrepairable). $44.99 for the product/coverage. $50 handling fee, if your phone should accidentally break inside. Thanks for the support!

    Quote Originally Posted by KBI2113 View Post
    Plus $50 handling. So $144.99.
    cellhelmet costs $44.99. Handling fee is $50. Therefore, an overall accidental break would constitute $94.99 out of your pocket. Thanks for the communication!

    Quote Originally Posted by iLoveWindows&iPhone View Post
    What is considered broken? Has anyone read the fine print? Does a scratched screen qualify as "broken"? I would doubt it . How would the case protect the screen from scratches? Cracks, yes, I could see covered....but I wouldn't be sure about it is not a "broken" phone....just a ugly one.
    "Accidental damage" is "accidental damage." cellhelmet covers all "accidental damages." Thanks for the support!

    Quote Originally Posted by PoEtikly View Post
    Yeah I can pretty much guarantee that IF your phone breaks whole inside this case and you try to get your phone fixed or replaced by this company I'm sure there will more than likely bee the loop hole of, "there's not enough damage on the case to PROVE you were using it at the time of damage", so they'll just get out of their "warranty", got your 49.99$ and $50 S&H, and say you're a liar......bye bye. It isn't the first company to provide such a guarantee and screw you out of it when their product doesn't prove out to be what they claim. Shy of having a video of your phone in the case showing the about screen (SSN, ECID, etc...) and getting broke good luck getting the benefit of their warranty.
    Thanks so much for the comments - we truly appreciate the communication. Global Warranty Group is the best of the best, when it comes to electronic coverages. They have been in business for over 10 years, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau - this is why we chose to partner with GWG. We ( also have a very strong history with the Better Business Bureau, as well as an 'Excellent' rating from We are an extremely transparent company and I'd love to hash out any concerns you may have, regarding the cellhelmet - we are available Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm, EST at 412-610-0692. I promise a human will answer the phone.

    Thanks again for your comments!

    Quote Originally Posted by Blik View Post
    I just pledged. So when do we pick what colors? I want black/white.

    Anyone know??
    You'll get a questionnaire at the end of the campaign, which will give you options to choose from. Not too far off. Thanks so much for your backing!
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