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Thread: [Giveaway] WeeTrackData - View Data Usage in Notification Center

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    Default [Giveaway] WeeTrackData - View Data Usage in Notification Center

    Carriers are some of the most evil companies out there. They want you to pay them a lot of money, even if that means surprising you with data overages at the end of each month. They don't give any warnings to you unless you manually set their applications to warn you. That being said, why not give yourself more control over how you use your data? There are a ton of data monitoring applications out there, but wouldn't it be cool if you could see your usage in Notification Center?

    A new jailbreak tweak dubbed WeeTrackData for Notification Center by iOS developer Albert Schulz does just that. You will get a nice widget that shows you how much you have uploaded and downloaded in the megabyte unit of measurement. It also shows you your signal strength measured in percents. This is not to be confused with Wi-Fi signal strength, even though it appears to have a Wi-Fi icon next to the percent, that is your data connection signal strength. You can set a percentage for a duration of time and WeeTrackData will graph how much data you are using in real time for that duration of time in a completion bar that will remind you of the Cydia download bar.

    This widget comes with a couple of settings that you can configure in the Settings application. Apart from those settings you can move the widget in and out of Notification Center at your leisure using the settings in the Notifications area of the Settings application where you move all of the rest of your widgets. It also works with the top shelf of IntelliScreenX if you want to use that to keep it out of sight when not in use. When you go into Settings after installing WeeTrackData, these are the settings that you will see; very simple as they allow you to change the amount of days you have in each billing cycle and also how many megabytes you want to call your monthly cap:

    One really cool feature about WeeTrackData is that you can swipe sideways in it just like your other Apple widgets, to pull up something new. When you do this, you can see not only your data use for the month, but also your data use for the past seven days or for the single day alone that you are viewing the widget. The last swipe is a credits page for the developer. It requires iOS 5 so that you can use the Notification Center widget. It also has support for landscape mode.

    What I really like about this widget is the fact that it shows you in real time what your data use is from a very easy-to-get-to location. It's not secluded in the Settings application deep within menus where iOS's data management is, and you don't have to have another application on your home screen to view your data use anymore. If there is anything about WeeTrackData that I don't like, it's the lack of any color in the usage bar, which I think that if Apple had made this widget, would have added colors to to make it resemble the iTunes (computer application; not iOS application) bar that tells you how much space is used and free on your iDevice.

    Name: WeeTrackData for Notification Center
    Price: $1.99
    Version: 1.2
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Albert Schulz
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    Albert was generous enough to offer us TEN giveaway copies for our readers. If you want to win a copy, please follow the directions below:
    • Give us two reasons you need WeeTrackData
    • Tell us one way it could be improved
    • Include your Cydia number in the comment so that we can credit your account

    Sources: Albert Schulz

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    Yes that is the one I tried Two app before and both was not dependble always missing at least 30-90 kb deffrenet , please let me try it at least I need to depend on something good I only have 2 mb monthly limit.
    i fall in the overge three time so far even i have nice app but not that good.
    and it could be improved by alert and colse the data by it self when it pass the limit

    cydia #1553023
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    I'd love this tweak so my carrier won't spring me with $130 because their usual message they send out when you go over your data didn't work. they're also stinges! I will also be able to check that when my friends grab my phone, if and how much they have been downloading >>. one thing to improve could be a donate button in the developers 'credit page'. lol I hope it also measures wifi usage as well, and if so measures it seperately and you can choose whether or not to show the wifi usage in the notif centre widget. can't wait to use this in my isx top shelf!


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    Love it. The fact it updates itself "live" blows me away ahah I just love seeing the values going up while it's loading the page. Looks neat and professional. As suggested above though, warnings once you are getting closer to the limit you set would be welcome. But even as it stands right now it is totally worth the money.

    Keep up the good work Albert, very nice!

    Edit: also the have the ability to set the current usage... that'd be nice. For instance when you install it it is likely you have already used some of your data so it'd be nice to be able to tell that to the app.

    Lastly, regarding the carriers not giving you any warnings once you are getting closer to your monthly limit...Vodafone does send me a text message letting me know I'm getting there.
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    Cool widget!

    I'd use it to make sure I use all of my 1 Gb monthly allowance so I get my monies worth!
    And also to make sure I don't go over with 'one more' youtube video!

    Could improve it by showing a daily target usage based on the average of the monthly set limit divided by the days in your billing cycle? So if you've gone over one day, you know to not use so much the next day, also could predict if you're going to use up all your allowance before the month is up?


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    This tweak looks great! I've been looking for something like this for a while, cause I have to check my carriers webpage too often just to see if I'm close to my limit or not. I also like the power of the signal feature, cause I travel a lot and I like to test where I get the best connection.
    The only thing I would add are some toggles for wifi and data, in case you are reaching you data limit and want to shut it down right away.

    Good luck!

    Cydia Number: 264547

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    I'm a teenager in high school and I don't have much free cash and I pay my own iPhone bill. Going over my data limit is bad cause I don't want to be charged extra for going over. I am an iPhone lover and this tweak would complete my 4S.

    To improve it I think he could divide it up into daily limits. This way we can make sure we don't use 100MB a day or something ridiclous. Also maybe let us pick what color we want the bar to be just for fun!


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    Like everyone, need to manage bandwidth usages. Would like to have this as I'm also using my phone to share internet connection with my iPad. One suggestion is to have an option for simple notification mode eg 'text only' mode so we can minimalize space utilization in notification center.

    cydia number: #3541183

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    -Two reasons i need this teak is to keep my monthly charges LOW and get the most out of my money. I've been trying to use as much 3g as i can in the 30 days of a cycle to "get the most of the money i pay." This app could help me know exactly where i stand at the month and how much data i can sacrifice when surfing the web or downloading apps!

    -On eway it could be improved is adding functionality to not only data usage but also minute usages by swiping left or right. This could be an easy way for customers to know exactly where they stand any time of the month on their bills and usages.

    -Cydia number: 630823

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    My wife has gone over on her phone twice in the past 3 months. This would be great for her to keep track of her usage. I occasionally check it for her but if she had it where she could see it plain and simple then I think it would make her more conscious of it.

    One improvement could be a mid month notification just to remind you to check. Maybe something in setting that you set.

    Good luck everyone


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    Reasons Why I Would Use This:

    1. My little brother is a Netflix addict and I need a way to watch him when he's using my phone. I don;t even have Netflix; it's his. But guess whose cap he's using?

    2. So I don't get blamed when the internet goes out in the business school buildings on campus. It's not me downloading on my iPhone, it's YOU trying to torrent Encyclopedia Britanica.

    What it could use: Popups when it gets high. I'm lazy and often forget to check this stuff.

    Cydia Number: 13766

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    Shame that it doesn't work if you use LockInfo with InfoShade, the text justs ends up in a messy pile

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickuk View Post
    Shame that it doesn't work if you use LockInfo with InfoShade, the text justs ends up in a messy pile
    Yeah that is what I found too

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    I hate making these pleas for why I want this, (my first time) but I really want this!
    Eye. I'm super paranoid about my "unlimited" plan being taken away from the evil AT&T for tethering.
    Eye eye. It would stop me from having to go to settings > phone > AT&T services > and pressing my data and messages (even though I don't care about messages since its shared and iMessage killed a lot of my texting numbers (wish we could find out how many iMessages I've sent in a month))
    OH! That's how it can be improved I want an iMessage count, make it a reliable application, will this count with tethering as well? If none of these are good if I get it I can tell you how it could be improved.

    Cydia Account Number 3288475

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    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does this tweak distinguish between data usage over 3g and wifi? I'm trying to make sure that I don't go over my 3g data usage limit from AT and T since I only have 250MB. I try to use wifi whenever possible but this tweak sounds what I really need!

    Cydia Number: 3150037

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    Reasons why I would like to win a free copy, of what looks to be a killer app!

    1. I just received the text message from AT&T indicating that I am in the top 5% of users for the month. I am on the grandfathered unlimited plan, and don't want them to cap me. I really need a better way to view my current data usage. Logging in to the AT&T app is just not the most efficient way to keep an eye on my usage.

    2. On the flip side to my first reason - In the 5+ years I have been with AT&T I don't think I was ever close to being near my data limit. I think its time that I use my data plan more effectively, and without going over. I think this app would help me make better use of my data plan and ensure I am getting what I pay AT&T for on a monthly basis.

    Since I don't currently own this app, the only improvement feedback I can suggest would be to change the signal strength icon to the standard 5 bars that everyone is used to. Using the Wi-fi icon might confuse people, and they might confuse it for their Wi-fi strenght. Personally, I don't mind either way, but it would add more consistency to what the app is focused on providing to end users.

    The only other thought I have would be to add some color to the app, maybe change the data bar usage from green to red as you get closer to your personal defined limit?

    Cydia Number: 505742

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    Quote Originally Posted by topspin1 View Post
    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does this tweak distinguish between data usage over 3g and wifi?

    Cydia Number: 3150037
    Only the 3G data is taken into the equation. It does tell you how strong the wifi connection is though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMartins View Post
    Only the 3G data is taken into the equation. It does tell you how strong the wifi connection is though.
    No. I mentioned this in the article. It tells you your data signal strength not your Wi-Fi strength.

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    Reasons I Need It
    1. I have a very limited data plan so if I had this I could keep up with how much I've used, it would be especially helpful because then I wouldn't get charged more money for using more data.

    2. Another reason is that by it being in the notification center it would be the quickest way to check, I wouldn't have to check in the settings or anything, & instead of having a ratio on how much is left, I would have a bar telling me how much is consumed.

    The Way It Could Improve
    I think it could become better by adding notification if data gets to low, it would also be better if it told you how many days are left before the data plan restarts (monthly data plan amount), it would also be better if when you data plan restarted the tweak could tell you right away that your data plan is completely recharged.

    Cydia #1237512

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    1. So I dont go over
    2. Whenever I go on a campout (2-4 hours away) I'm intensely using 3G. This would be awesome to have to be aware of how much I use
    1. Get the data info from ATT directly. (dial *3282#)

    cydia number #1279458

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