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Thread: [Giveaway] iCaughtU Pro 1.1 Update Brings Us Tons of New Features

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    1. When the removal/insertion of Sim card is detected, popup custom notification bubble/popup asking for new cell number to activate sim card, send this info to device owner (ie. Please enter cell phone number to activate sim). and/or automatically grab sim phone number and send to owner.

    2. Disable SBSettings toggles and other specified mobile substrate(s) (LockInfo, IntelliscreenX, etc.) So "smart" thief cannot turn off location and other services required.

    3. Feature to Disable the ability to turn off power. Power button does nothing (Cannot reset device or power off)


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    I never knew this tweak existed so thanks for posting. There are a lot of good suggestions for enhancements so it's difficult to think of new ones. Only one comes to mind; somehow be able to access the sms commands from a mac/pc for those times you don't have access to someone else's cell phone. Not likely a stranger will loan you their phone and I am usually the first one in my office so no one's phone to use. I could log into my work computer and maybe via messenger be able to access the sms commands. to power off, re-boot, play alarm with volume on high, etc.

    This is one app worth purchasing (if not one of the lucky five).

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    1. Set differeing lock codes for every hour so the code at 11:59 is different than the code at 12:00 improving the chances of catching someone even if they may occasionally see you enter your lock code

    2. Ability to change who the email is from when you send the icaught you mail. It is more likely to get deleted without ever being seen if the person is able to guess your code and then see an email saying icaught you.

    3. Time lapse gps location after initiated text command so that you can see where the phone was taken after you get it stolen and how long it was at that location.


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    1. Disable the home and power button while the phone is locked, in addition any attempt would trigger the phone to take pictures taking and send its location via email.
    2. Take a series of pictures front/back to give a better sense of the phones location and the person is possession.
    3. Once a sim card is replaced while locked, the phones should send location, pictures, and the new phone via email.
    4. Any triggering event such as power down while locked, incorrect unlock code, sim card replacement, etc should automatically turn on wifi and location if they were disabled.
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    Just bought it. Tip: test it first, as the first time is pops up a message saying "iCaughtU would like to use your current location". lol

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    Including a feature to send a taser stun just like the Star trek stun gun does in the show would make me happy.
    Then you just look for the person holding your iphone looking like they are frozen like a statue as we see in the show.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I would love a free copy of this to keep my $500 iPhone in my own possession

    A great app made even better with some updated features. A refreshing addition to Cydia.
    Thanks, Itay!

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    Great app, have one issue and a possible bug, sms is not working for me, i set an sms command work 'demo' to lock device, and when i text the word demo nothing happens ,

    also am able to add the current sim multiple times and not able to delete sims .....

    hope someone can help with sms commands not working

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    I'm having a lot of trouble after updating icaughtupro. My springboard keeps crashing. It seems like almost every time I receive a text message. I wasnt having any problems with it before the update. Is this possibly another thing that could conflict with Spire because I just installed that a week ago. Also, when I go into my settings and try to get into the settings for icaughtyoupro nothing shows it is just blank. I have already tried reinstalling and rebooting. Anyone else having problems?
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    It would be great to add option to turn on location services automatically if it's turned off in case of loosing or stealing.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beoahn View Post
    The features it already has seem pretty nifty, but if I were to suggest a couple they'd be towards "bugging" or "logging" the phone.

    For example, perhaps iCaughtU Pro could activate the microphone and listen in on the person's conversation or self-dialogue (secretively)? Maybe even a live screen projection of what the snooper is doing, sort of like TeamViewer or Splashtop (except the host is a phone)? A log of apps opened would be nice, too, or even a video of the screen, possibly with those white dots that indicate where the screen is being touched.

    Another thing I could think of is to increase the security to be less vulnerable. I do not know what the current security measures are, but if anyone can text the phone and perform the said actions, it would lead to privacy issues. Perhaps pre-define a phone number, or even a web client to manage your phone. Even with the good features, it would be (almost) worthless without good security.

    All of the stated options could be configured via PreferenceLoader if they're enabled when a text is sent, or if it's always enabled. It's indubitably an excellent app overall, but I think it can be a wee bit more effective with the listed features above.

    Thanks for reading my suggestions! My Cydia Store # is 2847502.
    You set the code yourself SO only you would know what to text to the phone. If you're able to retrieve the phone after its lost/stolen then you simply go into settings and change the command. Not that difficult. It's just like a pass code only more difficult to solve depending on what commands you enter.

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    Doesn't the find my iPhone app that comes with the ip4s have most these options other than takin a pik n sms commands¿?

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    You can't legally record audio in the United States check out the wire tapping laws. No, not even of a thief who stole your iPhone as its still illegal once you no longer physically posess the device, even recording someone in person is illegal in some states, without the parties consent. Recording audio and sending it to an email is definitely illegal in the US unless you notify the thief and that defeats the purpose of trying to listen in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheels9r View Post
    I really like this tweak, but wouldn't it be useless if the thief who stole the phone put into recovery/DFU mode and restored through iTunes?
    Of course, but isn't the point really that (a) a person realizes his/her phone is stolen pretty quickly; and (b) not every iPhone thief is necessarily jailbreak-savvy. It's not like you wait around a week to activate the features of this app if your phone is stolen.

    Some thoughts on feature improvement:

    -- "hide" the app in Cydia (ability to rename to something of user's choosing)
    -- does it work by sending text messages via email (can't tell from description)
    -- GPS logging of stolen phone

    Cydia # 2414

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    feature request, when picture is taken turn on photo stream . already bought pro version so i will take any other of your apps,


    oh and fix bugs sms not working for me

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    I tested the iCaughtU free version and it didn't work for me. (It wouldn't send any message on an incorrect code entry.)

    Has nobody else noticed the obvious plagiarism here? iCaughtU (if it worked) is just a carbon copy of Antonio Calatrava's iGotYa. iCaughtU Pro just adds some features from another of Antonio Calatrava's apps (iLocalis). I'm all for innovation and free market competition, but if you're going to blatantly copy somebody else's work, at least make sure your version actually works!

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    - Grab the MAC address (if possible) of the device the iPhone has been connected to via USB

    - Instead of a single photo, do a photo stream of a defined number of photos (2 photos every 2 minutes or 1 photo every 2 mins, both options definable)

    - The ability to remotely record a voice upon invalid keycode entry (its illegal to do this in the states but someone already committed a crime by stealing your device)

    - If the sim card is switched out, have the app ask "what is the phone number of this sim" and send info about the sim card such as phone numbers recorded and the phone number assigned to it. Also make it so you can make the question yourself

    - Record any wifi's in the location

    - Time intervaled gps location after incorrect keycode entry

    - Ability to take photo everytime a button is pressed at incorrect keycode entry

    - Turn location services ON automatically if it's turned off without prompting to do so

    - Disable the ability to go into DFU mode if the phone is locked

    My cydia code is 635136

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    Congratulations to the winners: Mista Brothason, eballesq, Henesy, Beoahn, g12369, NerdyGuyJohn, and codvisp.

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    -use amaster password with the app
    -prevent the phone from being turned off till entering the master password

    and sending the master password to the saved email or phone (sms) if the user forgot his master password

    Cydia # 3299131

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
    Congratulations to the winners: Mista Brothason, eballesq, Henesy, Beoahn, g12369, NerdyGuyJohn, and codvisp.

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