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Thread: World Live Cams: Watch Live Cameras Around the World [Giveaway]

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    Default World Live Cams: Watch Live Cameras Around the World

    Has it ever been an interest of yours to see what's going on around the world?

    World Live Cams is a new application in the App Store that you can download for 99 that lets you view countless areas of the world from the perspective of some camera laying around somewhere. The locations are all marked both with names and with longitude and latitude coordinates. With World Live Cams, you can watch these cameras all day long or just to take a peek around the world. There are always new cameras and locations being added daily to their database.

    World Live Cams gives you the ability to zoom in and out of an image at your leisure so that you can see what's going on in any given location made available through the application. This application isn't for setting up your own camera and viewing it on your iPhone, it's simply for entertainment purposes so that you can view what's going on around the world with a camera on their database. After you launch the application, the first thing you see is the extensive list of cameras available for viewing:

    Each camera is rated out of five stars. You have the ability to search for locations from the search bar at the top or you can just peruse through the long list that they give you. It is a pretty cool application because it broadens your views of the planet in different locations so that you can get an idea of the best places to vacation to or see some pretty interesting things happen on camera. When you tap on one of the cameras, the footage becomes available immediately on your screen:

    From this screen you have the ability to like and dislike a particular camera shot; to be able to like the camera you are opted to sign in with Facebook, Windows Live/MSN, Twitter, or Yahoo! account. It also gives you a whole lot of information regarding the camera. You can make the shot full screen or leave it how it is, but the best part is that this application supports both portrait and landscape mode to you can watch it with the comfort of having your whole screen filled with content instead of focusing your eyes on a small rectangle in portrait view. If you don't like picking cameras from a list, you can also pick from map view which lets you see cameras based on their location on a map. The more you zoom in, the more cameras you will find available to you:

    The developer is planning some pretty interesting updates for the application to come such as a free version with ads and a universal application that works with all of the iDevices instead of having to pay individually for the iPad regardless of owning the iPhone version or not. The developer also states that coming up in the next update are distinct camera categories, detailed camera information, pinch guestures, and adding user's private IP-cameras. Together, this makes the one-dollar price tag seem all worth it for people that like to see what's going on everywhere at all times.

    You can download World Live Cams for 99 from this link.

    We are going to work with the developer to give away FIVE copies of World Live Cams. Tell us why you should win in the comments below and explain to us in 5 sentences or more how you would make good use out of it.
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    I'd love to view the world from my couch. And my nieces and nephews would definitely get a kick out of it.

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    I have family and friends in Europe as well as in various states. Since I have had the opportunity to visit with them I would like to be able to view the areas live from time to time.

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    There's already an app that does this called Live Cams Pro. Does the exact same thing but also lets you take control of most of the cameras and allows you to pan and zoom.

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    I have friends that have traveled different places. I have never been able to travel outside the USA. I have been to some really great places in the US. It would be great to view the places I have been and where my friends live. Maybe I could see my old pen pal from Sweden on one of the cameras. I would use it to see what is going on in different parts of the world and compare it to what is going on where I am.

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    World Cams have always been a huge interest of mine! I love watching zoo cams to see how animal behaviour is in real time! I love checking out the mountain cameras to see if the mountains have snow on them or not! It's really useful when you want to plan to go on an adventure and you can use such an app to discover new places from the palm of your hand! I've always wanted to travel outside of the US and the furthest I've been have always been on a real live cam on the internet somewhere! I would make use of this app to explore new territory for future plans for my wife and little boy! I love seeing new scenery, new environments, seeing how people interact in the real world! It's just so amazing what we have nowadays right in our hands! We are extremely lucky to have the technology available to us in today's world! Without it, we would still be using sundials and old southern medicines! I would also share this app with friends and family to see what they think about how they can see different parts of the world straight from my phone! It would be a great opportunity to have such a powerful app to share with everyone I know!

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    Why I would like to get this App:
    -No money to travel the world, so gives me the change to look around the globe.
    -Look for sunny places while it is 14F out here
    -Get some inspiration for new places to visit
    -Just a great new app to use!

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    Paying 0.99$ is much easier then writing 5 sentences

    Paying 0.99$ is much easier than 5 sentences

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    First of all the concept is really interesting, being able to view the whole world on a big bulky TV is already very amazing, but this app let you do that in your very own portable iphone! It would make me feel like i'm the head director of CIA or something like that. Also, I would love to be able to look at some live images at my home country and see how everything had changed after 7 years. Additionally, I want to see how Paris looks like during night time because my girlfriend is over there right now. Who knows, i might catch her walking on the streets. Nevertheless, I just want to try the app out because every apps that have their own post on never disappointed me before.

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    I am a student who likes to see the world. I have maps in my bedroom with pushpins on them for places that I want to travel to, when I get older or have the time/money to travel. SOOOO I would be able to make good use of this app by being able to look up places that I would like to go to and see them in a live feed! That would be soooooooooo cool! I am hoping that if I see something really cool on the canera feed that I would be able to get a screen snapshot and save it to my device to look at later and possibly add to my photo log on my computer. That way I would have a log of things to see and look forward to when I finally get a chance to travel!

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    i Would use this app to find 10 must visit before i die.
    No need to say more

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I don't need this app, but I just like to have apps! Give it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    All of the winners have been chosen by private message. Thanks for your interest in the app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d1sposition View Post
    There's already an app that does this called Live Cams Pro. Does the exact same thing but also lets you take control of most of the cameras and allows you to pan and zoom.
    Yes, i was thinking of the exact same thing.

    But which one is better.....Live Cams Pro or World Live Cams???

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