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Thread: Time Warner Updates TWC TV App to Support iPhone and iPod Touch

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    Default Time Warner Updates TWC TV App to Support iPhone and iPod Touch

    Time Warner Cable updated their streaming cable app today enabling live TV streaming on the iPhone.

    Before the update streaming live cable content was only possible on the iPad. The update includes support for both the iPhone and iPod Touch, and customers can stream their cable subscription over their home WiFi only. Sadly, the app reportedly hates jailbroken iOS devices. Just a heads up.

    The updated app comes at no extra cost to Time Warner Cable subscribers and allows them to manage their DVR, check program scheduling, search for programming, and provides an interactive program guide complete with show descriptions and art. Apparently there are 196 channels available for streaming over the TWC TV app, but customers must be subscribed to the channel and it must be provided by their local system i.e. their cable box.

    The biggest caveat with all of these Time Warner, Comcast, and cable company streaming apps is they only work over the customer's home WiFi. Big woop. I’ll take Dish Network's $100 credit for purchasing a Sling Box and streaming my entire library of DVR content, on demand programming, and live TV over any network including 3G. There obviously are times that streaming content in the home is nice, but there isn’t a reason to not provide paying customers the ability to watch content outside of the home.

    Source: TWCable Untangled

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    "TWC app doesn't support jailbroken devices" well, screw them.

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    xCon in Cydia, check it out.....
    This is my PEACE sign -->

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    Default FakeTimeWarner (FTW)
    Quote Originally Posted by frijoleroh View Post
    "TWC app doesn't support jailbroken devices" well, screw them.
    @frijoleroh try FakeTimeWarner (FTW) by BigBoss on Cydia

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    The FTW patch in Cydia fixes that nicely.

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    FTW won't work on the new version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frijoleroh View Post
    "TWC app doesn't support jailbroken devices" well, screw them.
    Just install xCon from Cydia and you should be good to go. Only problem is you won't be able to run the TWC on a 3g network. I've even tried the latest version of My3g with no success. But xCon worked fine for me.

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    You can install xcon but these app devs are getting smart. They will just release an update that breaks xcon. Then you'll wait a few weeks and xcon will be updated with the fix. Rinse and repeat.

    DirecTV is still blocked. Their version 1.3.9 no longer works with xcon. Any earlier version just puts op a message that you must update.

    I really think we need to find a way to sandbox certain apps so they can't detect jailbreak. Some sort of virtual machine, memory sandbox or something. Who's to say Apple doesn't start putting Jailbreak detection in their core apps in a future version of iOS? What if Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and even the App Store were all blocked because it detected Jailbreak?

    I think we have to come up with a solution to the problem not a band-aid approach that has to be created for every app. Instead of trimming the tree, you cut it down at the trunk so to speak.

    This is only the beginning. I have a feeling it's only going to get worse.

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    i cant get this to work? i try creating an account with TWC online and it says.... "We're sorry, Time Warner Cable does not currently provide services within that ZIP code."

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