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Thread: Apple Kills Steve Jobs Figurine

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    Good God does no one ever bother to think about the impact this sort of thing has on the family? The manufacturer is just some creep trying to profit from someone's death. I would hope Apple squashed this out of kindness to the family and not for financial reasons.

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    "Sadly the company issued a statement today informing the creepy collectible public"

    so this was cool until Apple killed it ......some even suggested that Apple should release the toys

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    i'm kinda on the edge of the "creepy collective public"...who collects figurines of dead people?....No offense to jobs..I have respect for him, but i really think that the whole "Jobs" concept is severely blown out of proportion. I don't even think that a large percentage of people collect president dolls. No offense to you guys, but a figurine of something other than a superhero like superman or batman is just downright scary and weird.

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    Apple is the perfect example of how to love the enemy and hate the enemy. They are as much evil as they are good. I have areas of interest in Apple that I absolutely cannot stand with this being a good example of how they smack their own fans in the face, yet in the same fashion if I intend to use a computer it must be a Mac.


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    Apple has serious issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    I wonder if the Jobs family is also sensitive about the statue erected in honor of Steve in Hungary. The only sensitivity I can see is not being able to cash in.
    A single statue and a mass produced action figure are very different things. When news of the figurine came out, many were astounded that the Jobs family allowed it. And some followed that with comments about how the family was getting rich from licensing costs... The fact is that mass producing those things is tacky so close to his death.

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    I really wanted one..... I would have loved to have it setting on my desk. I tried buying one but the site was down by then.

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