This tweak will offer you an easier solution to adjusting your screen brightness.

Brightness. It's easily one of the things about iOS that simply annoys us at times. We struggle to find a way to decrease or increase our brightness as it gets light or dark around us. It's a pet peeve for a good number of iOS users. Today, a new jailbreak tweak is available dubbed SBBrightnessButtons by iOS developer Cykey that lets you adjust your screen brightness right from your home screen with buttons that are placed where the page dots are. You can see a demonstration of its appearance in the image above. The '+' and '-' buttons are the controls for the screen brightness.

The buttons being on the home screen can be both good and bad. The bad thing about it is that if you're on the lock screen or in an application, then finding a way to decrease your screen brightness will continue to be a pain in the rear until you either leave the application that you're in or you unlock your iDevice. The good news is, if you're at your home screen then it's substantially faster than using any kind of SBSettings or IntelliScreenX switches which are hidden and can only be brought up with some kind of gesture.

SBBrightnessButtons is a tweak that has been modified from abart997's SBVolume tweak which is basically the same thing except that the buttons control your volume instead of brightness. Credit should be shared among the developers. It can be easy to inadvertently tap on one of the buttons while trying to launch an application or inadvertently tapping on an application while trying to tap on one of the buttons. That is something to look out for.

After you install it, there are no settings to configure. It is what it is. The only icons added to the home screen are those two buttons for adjusting the brightness, however no application icons are added. I don't really care the for the fact that they are in your face when you are launching and closing applications - you will see what I mean when you try it. It doesn't seem to massage itself into the iOS animations very well. The only selling point on this tweak might be the functionality. I don't think that it is very visually attractive on the home screen the way that it sits. SBBrightnessButtons is free in Cydia and will work on any iOS 4 or iOS 5 device that is jailbroken. I can only recommend this tweak to people who are desperate for an easy way to adjust screen brightness. Other than that, I think toggles are much more appealing to the iOS atmosphere.

Name: SBBrightnessButtons
Price: FREE
Version: 0.0.1-1
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: Cykey
Editor's Rating:  3/5

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