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Thread: A5 Jailbreak Yet Another Step Closer - No More Sandbox Issues

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    Very nice, good to see Saurik joined the Dream team

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    I can't wait for my iPad2 to join the ranks of JB devices, like my 3GS. Still having a few problems though, but I'm sure I'll iron them out. Tends to crash springboard atm when I use Personal Hotspot, but not every time (very high % though).

    Anyway, back to the point. GREAT JOB pod2g, Saurik, and the rest of the crew working on this!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stulaw11 View Post
    People have to remember pod2g and Saurik didn't come into the picture until very recently. You also can't really count 10 months; no one was going to release an A5 jailbreak based on the ipad 2 and burn an exploit when everyone knew the A5 iphone was coming. The other factor to consider is updates and not burning exploits when known updates are coming that Apple could patch the exploit.

    Now saying that, since those 2 have been on the jailbreak, its really only been a matter of maybe not even 2 months total and they're already out of the sandbox which is a huge step forward. Had they been on from the day of the 4S launch, it would probably be ready by now. If every person who jailbreaks donated just a mere $1 or $2, there would be a significant fund set up as incentive to hop right on it. You have to realize these people have normal jobs and this is just a hobby. But if there was a significant fund set up, there may be more incentive to jump on it quicker too. Unfortunately by the comments on pod2g's page, people are completely selfish and expect a jailbreak as a matter of right and feel they can be pissed when one isn't ready. So that idea to donate will likely never be reality due to greedy people.
    It is my personal and professional opinion that this is part crap and part true. Crap being that the money isn't really an incentive to them. My logic is that if they are capable of doing this as a hobby, i'm sure the competence in the real world job market over shadows 95% on this board. That equates to good salaries, real good salaries... Saurik is the president of his own firm. And usually people of this nature and caliber are not money hungry but are more so hyped for the challenge... of jailbreaking. This excludes young geniuses that are still at home with mom, that's understandable.

    Part true is the donation part anyways. You should donate, not because it is incentive to the devs, but as a thank you for the hard work that they give outside of their personal lives. Our lives are so much better through using a jailbroken iDevice. While the iPhone itself is a remarkable product, the Devs make that product that much better and we, the normal folk, reap the rewards of their efforts. So with that being said, donate because you appreciate their work, not because they NEED the money. As i'm sure some could afford to give a lot more then a measly dollar or two. I could at one point, but I was bit by the unemployment bug... whoa is me LOLOL

    disclaimer** I in now way was writing this to insult the OP's message.
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    Thank you #TheDreamTeam I can't wait I will donate again

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    Quote Originally Posted by DvS- View Post
    Saurik is God!
    he looks more like Jesus to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by chilo420 View Post
    Thank you #TheDreamTeam I can't wait I will donate again
    LOL I bet pod2go called up Saurik and said yo man this f'ing sandbox is killing me. And Saurik showed up and said Yo pod lemme show you how I take care of apples litter box. Dropped a few steamy lines of code then threw up deuces and paced out with #Winning printed on the back of his shirt. Saurik is definitely a great jedi resource to have. The whole dev team is a great asset to have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdm.accord View Post
    The baseband has nothing to do with this. We aren't talking unlock here, bromethius. And if you've spent any time at all jailbreaking your iPhone over the past 4.5 years, you know they (jailbreaks) keeping getting fewer and farther between for new devices. We've had a grand total of 1 jailbreak on an A5 device in 10 months. Apple is definitely winning the game here.
    Broseidon, I know all that. I was talking about the people at APPLE who resist the unlocking of basebands. They obviously never got the message that 'resistance is futile', since as you said they are 'winning the game'.

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    Should be out the same time as the iPhone 5.
    Or never !

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    Someone should set up a paypal that we all donate too and whoever jailbreaks the latest firmware/device gets all the money in it. Like a prize for finding the way to iDevice freedom.

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    Take your time we can wait, especially since your not getting payed. I however will be donating.

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    I am glad Saurik is contributing. He, more than anyone else, profits from continuous, up to date jailbreaks. With the A5 being jailbroken, millions of new users (or customers) will be able to access his AppStore (Cydia). This will of course guarantee money will keep flowing in to Saurik.

    No one stands to gain greater financial wealth than Saurik with the A5 jailbreak release, so im glad he is playing a big roll in making it possible.

    Anyone remember Rock My Phone?? How many millions did he pay to buy them out? Ya...millions.
    El Zurdo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Russian View Post
    What a late article...
    There's always one of you in every group, isn't there.

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    I'm going to guess..... And remember this guys...... 20th..... yup..

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    Yee-HAW!!! Rock on guys!!!

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    Sounds like saurik could have had this whole jailbreak sorted overnight but I think he must be training his young Jedi's so after cracking the A5 they will be ready for the A6!! May the force be with the jailbreak dream team!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by azmattaz06 View Post
    I'm going to guess..... And remember this guys...... 20th..... yup..
    Why do you say this???
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    Even though I don't have a 4S or iPad 2, I'm glad they're getting closer to getting a jailbreak going for those products.

    Honestly though I'm getting a little nervous that jailbreaks will be difficult to come by for future iPhones and iPads. I originally was planning on selling my iPhone 4 once the next iPhone comes out this year but I really appreciate having all these tweaks that I may keep this phone for quite some time at the pace these jailbreaks are happening at.

    Devs are doing great as always.

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    Keep up the good work guys I for one have donated for your hard work been about 4 months since I had a jail broken phone someone should put up a article of the latest 4s tweaks etc can't wait for the jb

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    Wooohooo! Bring on the dancing girls!!! Good job!

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    WOOHOO! Pod2g said it will be a matter of days before we can jailbreak the 4S. Hopefully there will be no more obstacle standing in their way.

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    These guys are freaking heroic.

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