Radioshack (now known as “The Shack”) announced the iPhone 4S promotion pictured above via Twitter today for consumers eager to start the new year with a new phone.

The $50 off is for today only and applies to all iPhone 4S purchases regardless of color or size. However, the deal only applies to AT&T customers. Sorry Verizon and Sprint customers, the only way you’ll be able to get that iPhone 4S for cheap is to participate in Radioshack’s Trade & Save program.

Radioshack’s trade-in program allows users to trade-in their old electronics in exchange for savings on their next purchase. An iPhone 4 32GB can fetch as much as $200 and the 16GB as much as $175 depending on the items’ condition. A 32GB 3GS is worth $100 and a 16GB worth just over $75. The 8GB 3G will get customers just over $50 and the 16GB just over $54.

Granted your iPhone isn’t a mess of broken glass and plastic those in the market for a new iPhone on AT&T’s market could theoretically pay for their new 4S via the $50 promotion and savings earned through their trade-in.

And I thought Radioshack had lost all relevance.

Source: The Shack [via 9to5Mac]