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Thread: [Review] Get Yourself A YouTube Application That Is Flawless

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    Default [Review] Get Yourself A YouTube Application That Is Flawless

    ProTube - the way iOS YouTubing should be done.

    YouTubing might not be a word, but it's a verbal concept. iOS users love YouTube; it's a fact! The problem is, iOS doesn't come with a very intuitive YouTube application. To be fair, it's mediocre at best. There have been several attempts to make YouTube an enjoyable experience on iOS but I think that this one absolutely bypasses all of them. It's called ProTube and it has been made to outdo basically every YouTube application that you're ever heard of. ProTube literally has everything that you could possibly find to be a useful function on YouTube crammed into it. It was made by one of our own Modmyi readers, Jonas Gessner.

    When you open the application for the first time, you'll notice a button in the bottom right. That's the first button I tapped on when I opened the application - to my surprise, there appears to be a video downloading function in this application, which is something that we've been waiting for on iOS 5 for a long time! There's a button that lets you download a video and there's even a button that takes you straight to where you download all of them. Here is the application from a glance with the download menu opened up:

    Jonas Gessner was graceful enough to provide us with a demonstration video of his ProTube application which shows us what it's capable of and it even explains it with annotated descriptions. Here is the video:

    So what does ProTube do that your stock iOS YouTube application cannot do? Well to put it in layman's terms - a lot. But, more specifically: you can download videos, it has an ad-blocker for faster loading, you can like/dislike videos, you can leave comments, you can view recommended videos the way that YouTube wants you to see them, have control over your YouTube account, faster loading than the iOS application, HQ (high quality) and SQ (standard quality) options, share videos or add them to playlists, landscape orientation support, and so much more!

    The best part about this application has to be the video downloading part. That is something that we have raved for on iOS 5 for a while now. We turned our attention to applications like YourTube that could do this, but they were never updated for iOS 5. We've missed that functionality for a while now. ProTube brings it back to us with more options than before. It downloads the files in high quality and stores them into a file manager where you can rename them, move them, or put them on your computer later on. Moreover, ProTube supports simultaneous downloads so that you don't need to wait for one download to finish to begin another. It even supports AirPlay so you can stream these downloaded videos to your television set. The whole interface for these kinds of things is so intuitive that saying no to an application like this is like refusing to buy a Lamborghini for a buck and a half.

    My take on this application? Get it. This is absolutely the most fully featured YouTube application I've ever seen and I commend Jonas on his hard work. This application does everything that it's intended to do, and I think that it does a great job doing it because I have not come across any bugs yet. This is a high quality tweak that will continue to have support and updates in the future so I recommend this application for any avid iOS YouTube users who are sick of the same old bland stock iOS YouTube application that simply doesn't have enough functionality for this day and age. ProTube works with both iOS 4 and iOS 5 and puts an icon on your home screen that you use to open the application.

    Name: ProTube
    Price: $1.49
    Repo: BigBoss
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Jonas Gessner
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    Sources: Jonas Gessner
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    Nice app is there a way to transfer the downloaded songs & video to the music app itself.

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    When someone creates a YouTube app that can download and save to my camera roll, I'll be impressed.

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    I will update the app today, and I will include the feature of adding videos to camera roll! Thanks for telling me this, I didn't think about it during develoment

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    Maxner, what's the bike? Can' work it out from the avatar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baskie View Post
    Maxner, what's the bike? Can' work it out from the avatar.
    Its the 2010 Scott Voltage FR 30, It's such a good bike, I love it!

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    This is just a copy of the MyTube app. Only difference is this has back/next navigation buttons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thekirbylover View Post
    This is just a copy of the MyTube app. Only difference is this has back/next navigation buttons.
    lol, I just looked it up, there's two MyTube apps in Cydia, which one do you mean?
    And ProTube is not a copy of anything.

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    If you download a video, is it automatically added to the native video app? That would be awesome!

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    One bug with thumbnails in downloaded videos browser, guess it's pretty easy to fix though:
    Using iPhone 4 on 5.0.1

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    just got this app.. nice one not sure yet but it it dont give you the option yet. you should try and make it safe music files directly to the music Apple app. Its a pain in the *** having to change the music apps everytime depending on where a certain song is on!. especially when driving

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    I would like to have that too. There is the possibility, using MFMusicLibrary, but its not good enough to be really used yet. You need to manually patch files, reboot and sync to make it work. But I will keep updated and add the feature as soon as MFMusicLibrary.framework is become easier to implement.
    @garaddon thanks, ill try to fix it.

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    Livin the iPhone Life KraXik's Avatar
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    At first I wasn't sure about getting this as I didn't think I would use it enough. However seeing your support here Maxner has pushed me into buying it!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

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    I still think MyTube by Harrison apps is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxner View Post
    Its the 2010 Scott Voltage FR 30, It's such a good bike, I love it!
    Nice bike. I've retired from the big stuff now, at 45 I don't heal fast enough anymore so had to call it a day :-( Used to ride mainly Commencal supremes. single speed hard tails for me now.

    Great app BTW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxner View Post
    I will update the app today, and I will include the feature of adding videos to camera roll! Thanks for telling me this, I didn't think about it during develoment
    Maxner - this app looks fantastic! Would it be possible to add an option to turn on captions (and, dare I ask, even turn on text transcription of voiced words)? Lots of deaf people use YouTube because of its captions / text transcriptions, and it's odd that the iPhone YouTube app doesn't display closed captions / text transcriptions.

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    Maxner how does this app handle login information, I ask because it's my email address & password for my email account as well.

    Also for MFMusicLibrary the patching part is easy as its an XML file that needs editing so you could do that in the installation process or if not possible, then during installation using a .sh script, also set cydia to reboot the phone.

    Then all you need to do is tell the user to sync with iTunes first before trying to import any media.
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    I'm pretty sure you could've already just used mxtube. It was already updated for iOS 5.

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    Nice app... but it crashes when I try to save a video. (3GS @ 4.3.3).
    Try to save a video, and whoosh, back at the app screen.

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    That my tube sucks... But I really like mxtube. Got a decision to make.

    Ok I'm sold!! It's on 1.50! That's a steal for a DM/Audio converter alone. My payment should be sent right about ................ Now!
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