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Thread: [Review] Add iPod Controls to Your SpringBoard

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    Default [Review] Add iPod Controls to Your SpringBoard

    Looking for an exotic way to control your iPod?

    Sometimes we need more options for our devices. Even when there are simple ways to do things we look for more simple way to do them. That's where a new tweak in Cydia comes in by PathKiller29 that puts iPod control icons on your home screen. There are volume buttons on the side of your device and iPod controls in the App Switcher and Lock Screen, but what PathKiller29 has done is given you another way to control your iPod music. The idea stemmed from certain themes which can sometimes obstruct the way that we use our lock screen controls.

    The icons placed on your home screen hold all of the major iPod controls; Fast Forward, Rewind, Next, Previous, Raise Volume, Lower Volume, Play, and Pause. The icons are capable of being themed (there are three theme options in the settings including the blue one shown in the picture above), and if you're not fond of adding a ton more icons to your SpringBoard, you can put them all in a folder named iPod or something that you will use. In case you were wondering about what kinds of settings that this tweak has, below is a screenshot of the settings:

    Aside from the controls, you can set up an Activator action that you can invoke to display information about the song that you are playing. It will show basic information like artist, album, and name - things of that nature. You can turn this feature on or off depending on your personal needs and it is in beta right now so we recommend being careful in how you use it - there are obviously going to be bugs in it. If you don't want to use an Activator action, you can use the InfoHold option which will give you the track information when you hold down on one of the icons instead. This feature can also been turned on or off depending on your personal preferences. Here is what the popup looks like:

    SpringPod holds one main goal and that is to make music controls easy and be able to see information about songs anywhere on your iDevice. The idea behind it seems simple enough - and the controls follow along with the simplicity. I think that this tweak would be good for a power-user or a themer. This tweak adds seven new icons on your home screen when installed. The tweak doesn't appear to have any major problems from a first glance, so I'm going to have to say that if you're interested in something like this, then go for it! It won't disable you from using any of your other iPod controls found in other parts of iOS either. I think it could do with some more vibrant themes. It works completely with iOS 4 and iOS 5.

    Name: SpringPod
    Price: 99
    Repo: Modmyi
    Version: 0.8.1
    Developer: PathKiller29
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    What are your thoughts about SpringPod? Share in the comments!

    Sources: PathKiller29
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    Wow. Way to clutter up the springboard. I rather just double tap on the home screen while the phone is on lock and use the music control from there.

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    Hmmm, looks like another one of those tweaks that someone wasted time and their skills on.

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    Excellent. I can use this on my iTouch at work that has a broken home button. Thank you!!

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    Use Activator and make some custom controls. I use sliding on the status bar as next/ previous, and its great. This option is interesting though! It could be used nicely with a theme that has a dedicated Media page on Springboard. I wonder if we can eventually add the ability to play a specific song or playlist. I think I'll look into it

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    You could combine this with more than just Activator. You could get SBRotator and use a Home Screen for iPod controls only.

    There's lots of potential here. I like it. IMHO.

    Quote Originally Posted by micaiah12 View Post
    Hmmm, looks like another one of those tweaks that someone wasted time and their skills on.
    First, are you a developer? Have you created something for the iOS jailbreak community that is useful or has potential?

    Second, nothing is ever a waste of time. Thomas Edison tried thousands of things before inventing the cotton filament in the incandescent lightbulb. Had he or anyone else convinced him he was wasting his time, we may still be on candle light power today.

    Be considerate to the Dev guys. They do good work no matter the outcome. IMHO
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    I would love other widgets like this to be made for the SpringBoard, like the ones android has.

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