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Thread: [Giveaway] Enhance Your Multitasking On iOS

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    Default [Giveaway] Enhance Your Multitasking On iOS

    Zephyr is a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia right now - fresh off of the press by renowned iOS hacker and developer Grant Paul (chpwn). He's responsible for great jailbreak tweaks like Infinifolders, Infinidock, and Infiniboard. We couldn't help but notice that he released this awesome new jailbreak tweak in Cydia today and it lets you do some cool things with multitasking that you could never do before.

    Referring the video above by Grant Paul, you see that you can simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen with one finger to reveal the App Switcher from anywhere on your phone whether it be on the SpringBoard or from an application. Or, if you're in an application already, you can swipe in from the side of the screen (right or left) with one finger to switch between running applications. This is a great way to multitask like the iPad in terms of multitasking gestures - only without using so many fingers on a little screen.

    Steve Jobs envisioned an iDevice that had no buttons. We can still help his dream live on by using a tweak like this that helps eliminate one of the uses for the home button.

    Zephyr has a simple settings panel in the Settings application that lets you choose just a couple of things like using both the left and right edges to switch between applications or enabling or disabling bringing up the App Switcher by pulling up from the bottom of the screen.

    Zephyr does come with some prerequisites - if you open Notification Center often, you will sometimes inadvertently open the App Switcher when swiping up to close Notification Center. Another thing to note is that if you're used to swiping left from the right side of the screen to reveal the red, "Delete" button in emails and text messages - trying to bring up that button might cause you to switch between applications on accident. So be prepared to use the edit button to delete things from now on instead of using touch gestures. Hopefully chpwn will come up with a way to improve on those conflicts and make it easier to use under those circumstances. Other than that - I really like this concept and I recommend it.

    Zephyr works on iOS 5 and it currently is made only for the iPhone and iPod touch. Chpwn has included that he will add more gestures for it in the future to add more functionality.

    Name: Zephyr
    Price: $2.99
    Repo: BigBoss
    Version: 1.0-1
    Developer: chpwn
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    We are giving away 20 copies of Zephyr. Leave a comment below explaining to us why you think you should win and leave your Cydia number in the comment. Winners will be chosen December 31!

    What do you think about Zephyr? Tell us in the comments.

    Sources: chpwn
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    Couldn't this already be achieved via activator actions already--queuing the multitasking bar? (activation by slide up from bottom).

    Regardless, The live feedback it shows is something different and I'd be happy if I could snag a copy of this! The swiping between apps with a finger like the iPad (but with 3 fingers) would be awesome to have since activator doesn't.

    Good luck everyone

    Cydia #255224
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    Zephyr is amazing.. only saw the video by chpwn... i dont like hitting the home button twice..
    and as the developer already said : I think this is probably the most efficient way to multitask on the iPhone
    i like this tweak and i want it on my iphone.. and I hope that i can win this.
    Thanks Anthony, Thanks chpwn!
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    OMG. BEst tweak ever! i ve been waiting for this since multitasking gestures for ipad! and iphone(with 3 fingers ) i think i should win because i already waited for so long for this tweak! Thx chpwn for another awesome tweak! Cydia#: 83940

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    I like that I don't have to double click the home button. I would like to get a copy of this tweak, it gives you that ipad feel. It would be nice to win since I haven't won anything yet. Cydia # 1073411

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    I think I should win because I can't buy it and ive been a loyal member of Modmyi. I tell all my friends that this is the place to go if you want info on iDevices.


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    this looks sick. i wish i could win one cuz i wanna win something.


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    I wanna win it cos i think its an awesome feature to give to the iphone! Hopefully we have backgrounder back soon!


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    I think I should win a copy of this tweak because my home button is going to die and I have to find a way not to use the home button anymore. Switching apps without the switcher is a very cool way to avoid pressing the home button. My Cydia Account is #1040965

    Maybe you could add an option to use two-finger gestures if this would solve the problem with notification center and the slide-to-delete-thing

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    Zephyr would be a nice addition to any iDevice seeing as how the one finger app switching is extremely convenient. Swiping up to reveal the switcher would also be nice seeing as how the activator option can be unreliable at times, and you can't swipe down to close the switcher.

    I believe i should win a copy of Zephyr because it would be a great convenience to have the features this tweak holds on my iPhone. The quick, iPad-like switching gestures would make my life a whole lot easier, seeing as how i always have a lot of apps running. Also, with the tweak in my hands, I could provide some experienced feedback and bug reporting to further improve the tweak. Anyways, thanks for the generous give-aways ModmyI, and best of luck to everyone!

    Cydia Account #3140512

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    I love when everything on my iPhone flows fluidly. This could really help me be more productive. Apple should have done this a long time ago! Thanks chpwn, and Modmyi! I hope I can get a copy!

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    greetings modmyi team!
    I should win this giveaway because i'am from nepal and the debit/credit cards available here cannot be used to pay. yeah i know i can get cracked version within some weeks or even days but u know i am against piracy and even though i follow jailbreakism i donot support piracy.

    hope my english was alright
    cydia number: #992584

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    I would love to have this tweak! How would have thought these things were possible when the first iPhone came out. Support the dev who give their time freely to make these things happen, I know I do!
    If you can't do it on one wheel, try harder!

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    uk entries always get overlooked why should we enter this

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    Default Amazing tweak!

    Zephyr is one of the greates tweaks so far! The amazing fact that you can open multitasking var just with a swype is amazing because my home button have some problems and sometimes i mult press 3-4 times to open the multitasking bar but this tweak can help me a lot! Also, the iPad app swicher mode its very interesting!

    My email: radu31ursache[< @ >]
    My Cydia Account ID: 1199670

    This would be the best New-Year gift ever if i will win.
    Greetings from Romania
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    I think this tweak is awesome! It would save me a lot of trouble on my home button on my 3GS, my iPod Touch 4th gen, and (eventually) my 4S! I unfortunately cannot purchase this tweak because I just bought an apple tv, so winning it would be awesome!

    Cydia #1401801

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    I would really love to have a copy of this
    as my home button is messed and i really have to press it hard and on top of that it will cost me gd amount of money to get my home button fixed.
    So i would really love to get the copy of this awesome of tweak .

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    Default great tweak! Hope I'm lucky!
    Cydia Account #3105106

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    Zephyr got the Apple multitasking to the new level, it better than what is in ipad and you do it more and more, your hand or fingers do not get tired,the main part which everyone will like that decrease the use of home button and fast your change from one app to another so quick so easy, what i like also this tweak is adding features to the existing multitask and it doesn't create new one, that will give more reliability more stability and big improvement.
    I tried many multitasking and many added featured but hey this is a real improvement, i would like to try it.
    I like to get a copy of this.

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    My Cydia no is 3102463

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