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Thread: [Giveaway] Enhance Your Multitasking On iOS

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    It's already a couple odd ball tweaks like that out there for free...? I guess modmyi is marketing this particular product for him?
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    First I just wanna say, this looks amazing! This is by far THE most amazing tweak I've ever seen!
    I think I should win because ever since iOS 5 was released and I updated to it, I wanted back the multitasking gestures I had on 4.3.3 on my iPod, now, this is it! This is even better! This is the amazingly enhanced multitasking Gestures!
    Really hope I win


    My Cydia account number: 1250419

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    I have been waiting for this tweak to be released as it will make me get ride of the continuous use of the double pressing home button for app switching. Really great work . Thanks chpwn for making it and for for the give away
    Cydia # 2940304

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    One day chpwn ask us on twitter what feature of nokia N9 you like, i replied that i want swipe of nokia N9 as tweak on my iPhone. Now he fulfill my wish therefore i must won one of this giveaway to try i my dream tweak.

    I hope i win my Cydia account is 1711026

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    Wow this should be standard for iOS!!! Awesome tweak!
    Cydia # 1250701

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    We're all aware that this tweak can be achieved by using Activator, I will not argue with that. But what's different with Zephyr? Is the ability to activate switcher anywhere on the bottom part of the screen (just like Notification Center). Another difference is the multitask gestures which I believe can't be achieved thru Activator. That's why, I would love to have Zephyr on my iPhone, to FULLY maximize the multitask capabilities of my iPhone. Thank you @chpwn, @BouchardAnthony and to @modmyi!

    Cydia # 2878917

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    I really want to win one copy of Zephyr because my home button is laggy and so unresponsive. Tried the re-calibration method but it didn't work! This tweak will definitely reduce the use of my home button!

    Cydia ID: 1202096

    Thanks Anthony and Chpwn!

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    Because I am an early adopter! My Cydia-Account ID is: 537566

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    I would absolutely love this tweak! I'm sure I'm going to end up jailbreaking my iPhone just for this. Double-tapping the home button is just slow and the home button always gets unresponsive after a while. And the N9 styled swiping left to right is amazing!

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    Finally something that reduces the burden of already battered Home button. Especially for people like me who ruin their home button within few years.

    thanks chpwn

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    It's awesome but I can't buy here in my country due to payment method limitations so i would love to win one copy
    my cydia acoount #1357610

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    It's something that should've been implemented by Apple when they released the iPad Multitasking gestures.

    I would love to have this tweak, because... Who wouldn't? That's my reason

    Cydia Number: 264547

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    Default It'll help me greatly.
    I want it because my home button is somewhat broken, this would help me out by quite a bit.
    I need to like click the home button twenty times before I can wake it up from sleep.
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    I would REALLY like to win Zephyr, because, which is obvious, it IS cool, it looks like 'made-by-Apple' feature and you know - it would be nice to have it, actually. I am NOT a pirate, I have bought every tweak I use, so it won't be something like 'just a next tweak got for free' for me. Actually, I haven't even won anything for iPhone since I use it (and I use it since 2007). I don't really have any other reasons to convince you - you could just make me smile 'from ear to ear' if I could finally win something. And this Giveaway of Zephyr is a perfect opportunity! Greetings from Poland.

    Cydia Account #15128
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    CYDIA NO #993333

    I like to win )

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    i need the free copy to show to my friends :P

    cydia #273585

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    This looks like a wonderful app.

    I am on my iPhone all the time and constantly changing apps, I really like being part of the JB community and am hoping to contribute in the future with either apps of my own or beta testing. As for a reason why I should win, this is a hard question, I guess because I am willing to give feedback on how to make it work even better.

    For the people saying activator can do this, it can to a point but it is not graceful at all and I find causes all kinds of hell with the way the home button reacts.

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    I am a fan of chpwn... I really like his tweaks and tweets . If possible I want to be one of the lucky ones, who get this tweak... Thx in advance

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    I got an iPad lately and I immediately fell in love with the multitouch gestures to switch between active apps and to reveal the multitasking bar. I really would love to have these guestures on my iPhone too. (since my home button acts kind of unresponsive sometimes too...)

    cydia# 1931176

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    You can eliminate the use of buttons on your device by turning on assistive touch as well

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