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Thread: [Giveaway] Win A Copy of PwnTunes As A Holiday Gift

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    1. iOS 5 is meant to be “PC Free.” How is it possibly PC free if we need to use iTunes to sync (non-iTunes Store) music?
    2. We paid for our disk space, why can't we use it for whatever we want?
    3. Not everyone wants or needs iTunes on their machine, because it's no longer mandatory.
    4. I've always been a fan of PwnTunes. I forgot to buy it when my trial expired, but I might as well just enter this competition instead.
    5. With all these powerful tweaks in Cydia, I hardly ever need to use my PC any more.
    And an extra reason:
    6. It's Christmas, a day of giving and receiving gifts.

    My account number is 2112335. Merry Christmas

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    Greetings spiritoflogic team! Merry Christmas to u all

    I deserve to win the copy of PwnTunes because:
    1. This is really a cool tweak I dreamed for since I purchased my first iPhone but was not able to purchase it because I'm from Nepal and no credit/debit cards used here are able to make the payment.
    2. To have this means most to me. I can be free from the restrictions that iTunes keeps.
    3. We do have 3 iPhones in my family but only one Apple id and only one laptop. so, it would be great to copy different songs of our choices without worrying.
    4. I'm a music freak and i do purchase music very often.
    5. It would be a really cool and unbelievable gift for me in the eve of Christmas and it would be much appreciated to get this gift from spiritoflogic team. You guys are great!
    6. I do support jailbreak and freedom like most of the famous hacker and people do.
    7. Also, I want this giveaway because i have not commented on other 2 giveaways.

    I'm not a english expert. Hope my english was alright. Thanks!
    My cydia number : #992584
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    iTunes is really a convenient tools, but not always. Especially I have many computers to work with in my life. I don't want to synchronize my iPhone with each of them that every iTunes want to kill my iPhone so badly. And I think PwnTunes could help me a lot. I would be happy to get this free copy in the joyful festival.
    Merry Christmas to you all!!
    Cydia number: #2282374

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    Hi there!

    Let also celebrate Sir Isaac Newton's Birthday today (Merry Christmas peeps)!
    Fact: did you guys know that here in the Netherlands we also have another Santa Clause (sinterklaas and that he hails from the republic of Turkey (no not the one from Texas or North Carolina).
    Speaking of the Netherlands that we don't walk around in wooden clogs here
    That The Netherlands are the third largest direct investor in the USA with $259.4 billion (source
    That smoking weed is not illegal here and you can buy it legally? (lots of Americains coming over here in Amsterdam during their holidays and visiting Coffeeshops but not for the coffee even some celebrities come to do that over here check this out :

    That I have run out of inspiration now.
    That I would love a copy of this software.

    Aight, greetings from the Netherlands!

    Cydia #60414

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    1. Itunes is not a nice tool for me as I use it for restoring only
    2. I suffered the deletion all of my music when transferring music from another computer
    3. If i won pwntunes i will recommend it to many of my friends
    4. I want to limit my use for itunes as i really don't like it
    5. I LOVE )
    # 2940304

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyDiverX View Post
    I would love copy of PwnTunes for the following reasons:

    1.) I'm Mexican and can't afford a computer.

    2.) PwnTunes works great when running away from La Migra.

    3.) I get to stick it to Da Man.

    4.) I'm a great swimmer, not an iTunes user.

    5.) I'm poor and can't afford it.

    6.) Merry Xmas everyone!!

    Whoooppss forgot my Cydia #5456

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    OK now, i could give you a range of explanations why I deserve a free copy of this. Like that I already bought (and love) the other products of SpiritOfLogic, PhotoAlbums+ and iRealSMS (yes, bought them, both, not pirated. I mean what are the odds for that if you do the math? Getting dizzy thinkin about it? Yup, me too, for me that would be already enough reasoning, just to reward my awesomeness in regards to actually buying things from Cydia), and you all know how utterly incomplete one feels when owning two of a set of three.
    Or I could promise you to send you a picture of me in my Borat-Man-Thong that I got from my cousin for christmas yesterday, as a revenge for giving her a vibrator when she was younger and she had to open it in front of the whole family (and explain to our grandma what it actually is. Oh boy, that was sooo great!).
    Or I could explain you that I'm one of those guys who always shows off stuff to his friends and then talks them into buying it themselves, even if we all know that they won't ever need it, so it would even be a great investment in future sales.
    But I won't argue like that. No, here's my one and final reason: Im from Switzerland (no, not Sweden. We're the one next to Germany, with the mountains and the chocolate and stuff, not the nice tall blondes. Yes, FML, i know) and still your eyes don't hurt from poor grammar and misuse of "its", "it's", "their", "they're" and stuff like that. Yes, I studied hard to be able to talk and write your language correctly, only to find out that a huge bunch of you guys don't even give a damn about the correct ways of writing. And since years, I've got a feeling in my stomach, that I should get compensation for all the hours bending over a grammar book with incredibly stupid characters that held incredibly stupid conversations which I had to listen to on my stereo. They even made a rap. I was h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e-! Here's a taste of what I had to go through (NSFL): Victoria Road Rap - YouTube
    So, having said all this: CANI HAZ THEES PWNTUNES COPEE PLEEEEZ!! ;D
    Cydia Account #208414
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    Because celebrating Hanukkah doesn't get you any presents
    I hate to use iTunes to sync music, becuase i always get new songs from friends and PwnTunes will
    solve my biggest problem, I could add new songs to my library from any computer.
    I really really want\need it.
    It would be a great addition to my tweak collection.
    iPhone 4, Cydia account #3023125

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    I would love to bypass iTunes to sync all my non-iTunes music. Drag and drop would be a huge time saver and let me grab any song from a friends machine and have it added to the iPod App with no BS syncing, as well as pull songs they might want off my iDevices. It can be the new SneakerNet edition of Napster
    Cydia Account #46009

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    1) No iTunes
    2) No iTunes
    3) No iTunes
    4) No iTunes
    and uh...
    5) No iTunes


    Merry Xmas

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Feb 2010
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    I'd love to comment on here and tell you why I want this but there are a few things stopping me.

    1. I'm Currently at work and I shouldn't be commenting. Seriously guys, I'm not commenting.
    2. I should be spending Christmas in a place where the beer flows like wine and the women flock like the Salmon of Capistrano.
    3. If iTunes is like mom or dad to an iPhone, then my 4S is a Bastard.
    4. I'd love to include my Cydia number but Siri doesn't hand it out on first dates.
    5. If you haven't figured it out, I'm not jailbroken so I have no access to my Cydia number.
    6. Lets face it, I probably shouldnt be commenting on here in hopes for PwnTunes.

    Merry Christmas!!!!

    Favorite # 10

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    I use to be an experienced developer like you, but then iTunes became the slowest piece of software in existence and lost my job. I decided to dedicate my life to finding a new alternative software to sync my iPod that both me family and myself can appreciate.

    I explored the vast interwebs only to discover the province of . After many days, and weeks, and months, and years of searching, I finally found the grail. By The Spirit of Logic, I have found it. PwnTunes.

    Adventure on,

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

    Cydia # : 515710

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    May 2009
    Jerusalem, Israel, Israel
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    1. i like to enjoy my music everywhere
    2. i like to share my music since i have a good taste
    3. i wanted to buy it long time ago but i dont have an International credit card
    4. why not using the 16 gb as a flash memory
    5. i have never won anything in my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cydia number 3112399
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    * I don't have a PC or Mac to use iTunes.
    * I can't afford to purchase it Cydia Store, I'm broke.
    * To have this tweak, means I have the power to control the way I managing/organizing my Music Library.
    * It will enhance my user experience.
    * Merry Christmas & Thank you very much to Christian Heusinger (SpiritOfLogic) & for giving us a to chance win. ツ

    iPhone - Cydia Account #739348

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    Default My Christmas Gift From Santa
    I think i deserve to win a copy of pwnTunes becoz:
    1) I want to give something special for my wife who always have trouble syncing her album on itunes.
    2) Best Christmas gift i ever had from anyone/anybody.
    3) I never win anything on internet for whole my life.
    4) Santa never send me anything and hope you could be Santa on this year.
    5) You could be a life saver to save my whole collection of photo and ipod. I had lost my collection one time when had problem syncing itunes.
    6) I wanna know how bad itunes with pwntunes from my own experience.
    My Cydia Number : 1643805

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    Hello again! Let's try with this app also :P

    First, I deserve to win at least ONE time, for this is my second contest here, followed by PhotoAlbums+ giveaway.
    Second, me and my freaking furballs are so cold that we need some adrenaline.
    third, my name possibly makes you laugh...
    Fourth, I'll be famous (by my hope that I'm sure of it!!!), and I'll promote your website!
    And fifth! my name is Puxini, and the App is called "Puxini Wears Nasty tunes", did you hear me babieh???

    If I win, a big hug for you all!. If not, "vayanse a freír espárragos!" as we say in somewhere

    iPod Touch 4 - Cydia account #3096623

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    I deserve a copy of pwntunes because...
    *iam indian
    *for me 13$ is 676 rs!!!
    *cant afford that much!!
    *the tweak is amazing
    *i think without cydia iphone is waste!!!
    *i love my iphone
    cydia account number : #2986717

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    I deserve to win a copy of PwnTunes because:
    I have photos than need to be synced and I hate to sync complete folders from iTunes: FUUUUUUUU
    It would be an awesome gift from you to me.
    Santa Claus wants me to have it as he was not able to come to my house this year
    I need it or a lot of people will die haha...
    Yeah.. I want it please!!!!
    Cydia account #1379183

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    i probably don't deserve this... but i would really wish to get it...
    merry xmas

    Cydia Number #3112941

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