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Thread: [Giveaway] Want a YouTube App That Does More?

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    Default [Giveaway] Want a YouTube App That Does More?

    MyMobileTube Pro brings you a YouTube application that does more than iOS's stock YouTube application.

    If you're one of the many who hates the limited capabilities of Apple's stock iOS YouTube application, then maybe, just maybe, you will enjoy this new YouTube client for iOS. It's called MyMobileTube Pro and it's made by a developer named Jake Schultz.

    What Jake did here is he built a YouTube application around what he thought would make a perfect YouTube application for iOS. It's completely built in his flavor, but it comes with some useful functions that you will not find in the iOS stock YouTube application. It seems to be built off of the mobile YouTube application which you can get on your Springboard by visiting YouTube in Safari and adding it to your home screen. But on top of that, it comes with other features such as video downloading (iOS 4 only). YouTube video downloading applications for iOS have held a ton of water as far as demand goes. There have been many such as YourTube. Jake's idea was to create a single application that could do it all and he made it from the mobile YouTube application himself.

    From the image above you can see the main page of the application which holds the YouTube homepage, some tabs for your YouTube account, and some video function buttons at the top. One of the tabs is labeled, "more" which gives you some extra options which are shown in the image below:

    From the more option, you can see the highlight of this review which is downloading YouTube content. You can download MP3's of the audio from a video you are watching, or you can download the entire YouTube video. The choice is up to you. As well as that, it has some extra features for your account which you can access after signing in with your YouTube account within the application.

    This application works on iOS 5 but the downloading feature only works on iOS 4. It has retina display support as well as support for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It's a universal application among iOS devices. Jake also highlights that because this is the web-based version of YouTube, you can watch your videos in High Quality (HQ). The tab bar at the bottom of the application is fully customizable with options from the more tab just like you can customize the tabs in your Music application. There is a free version of this application that you can try out before you buy this version.

    Name: MyMobileTube Pro
    Price: $1.00
    Version: 0.9.1
    Author: Jake Schultz
    Repo: Modmyi
    Editor's Rating: / 3.5/5

    I had the opportunity to talk to Jake via email to learn a little more about the application, and also about him as a developer:

    Anthony: In about a paragraph tell us a little about yourself. You can include how you became a developer, your educational goals, careers and hobbies.
    Jake: I am currently a 15-year-old sophomore in high school in a mid-sized town in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I learned everything about developing online. Whenever I get a new device, I work hard to try to get an app running on it. I currently have apps for all of the major platforms. I am a swimmer and diver on my high school team. I also love snowboarding. I plan on going to college and hopefully getting a job in the information technology field.

    Anthony: Why did you make this tweak? Was there a motive?
    Jake: I originally was making this app for personal use because I really hate the native YouTube application. I love the web-based YouTube application more. I kind of based this application around my own personal needs. :p

    Anthony: What can this application do that the native YouTube application cannot?
    Jake: This YouTube app uses the web app which, based on opinion, has a better interface. You can also view videos in high quality, and view almost all aspects of your account.

    Anthony: Are you planning any future upgrades to it?
    Jake: In the future I would like to integrate downloading the videos and MP3s tight into the app. I threw in very very basic support for that in version 0.9.1. By version 1.0 I would love to have it integrated. :)

    Very nice application, Jake. As always, thanks for the good work!

    The Giveaway!

    Jake Schultz was generous enough to give away TEN copies of MyMobileTube Pro.

    Here's how to win:

    Follow me @BouchardAnthony
    Follow ModMyi @modmyi
    Retweet this article with your Cydia number in the tweet; if you do not have the Cydia number in your tweet, you will be disqualified from the drawing. Within the tweet you must also mention @BouchardAnthony so that I can easily see who has entered the drawing. If you don't mention me, you will also be disqualified. The tweet must include the following text, "I entered a contest to win MyMobileTube Pro for iPhone!"

    For some extra browning points in winning, leave a comment below on how MyMobileTube Pro could be improved with your Twitter Handle included in the comment.

    Winners will be announced on Saturday, November 19.

    Sources: Jake Schultz

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    It seems very usefull I'm gonna try it out!

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    This is something I could never get rid of! Verrry Niiice!!!

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    Looks good!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone ChSchuldiner's Avatar
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    It looks better than the iOS one

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    My iPhone is a Part of Me keenpois0n's Avatar
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    YourTube is so much nicer..too bad its not iOS 5 compatible yet
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    I like developers like this, he's young and has fresh ideas! This app is perfect! Yes, he made it based off his OWN "personal needs" but these were the same personal needs every consumer wants! Hope I get a copy and it's updated to IOS5 soon! The mp3 download integration is a nice touch; the cherry on top

    - @chrisVEGGIE16

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    Dayum a 15 year old dev, not bad. Will try this app out for personal needs.

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    I did a cool vid review on YouTube of this Just Awesome Bravo!

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    cool, testing it now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by keenpois0n View Post
    YourTube is so much nicer..too bad its not iOS 5 compatible yet
    MXTube is iOS 5 compatible. And it better too cuz it never ever crashes. I bought YourTube and got it working once in the 2 years I have owned and hundreds of times I tried to get it to work. Never have I got it to work except once. YourTube (and all versions of it) is "garbage"

    This application is fu***** bullsh**. All it is, is the youtube website (looks slightly different) "DO NOT BUY (UNLESS YOU LIKE BUYING SOMETHING YOU CAN GET FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jake Schultz.......................You should be straight up ashamed of yourself for actually "selling" this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY. Seriously There is not "one single feature" in this peice of s** app that you cannot get from typing in "" in Mobile Safari (aside from downloading stuff, but who the heck is gonna be on iOS 4 anymore except for people with oldeer devices, and for them I suggest an awesome and "free" app from Cydia called "MXTube"). Almost everything he mentioned that this app has to offer is also in the youtube website and is in no way worth $0.99.Especially Not with the other YouTube apps from Cydia being in existance. SO IF YOU LIKE THESE FEATURES BUT DONT WANT TO "WAIST" $0.99 THEN OPEN SAFARI, TYPE IN "" AND TAP THE LITTLE BOX WITH ARROW a AND TAP "ADD TO HOME SCREEN", And for downloading use "MXTube". There is also YourTube, which I seem to be the only one that has never made it work in 2 years, but hey ......................maybe the 5 devices I tested it on just didn work with it (and what are the chances of that).

    And because of this page I truly have to question the writers of ModMyi. Gee thanks guys .....................for pointing out a usless app for hundreds of people to pissed off about after buying. Wow. I will never look at MMI the same!
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    dude stop bashing, you don't like it go ahead and make something better. stfu & gtfo

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