That being said, this firewall will give you all the power to need to make sure that only the processes that you want are connecting to the internet.
This is false. This firewall can block most apps, but anything installed through Cydia can be installed in a way that his firewall doesn't hook into. The false sense of security from assuming that you've "made sure" nothing can connect without your permission is dangerous.

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Yeah it has one of those too
This is false. It's an outgoing firewall only.

I've been using this firewall for over 2 years now, and it's a great tool for people who have some basic understanding of how network connections work. This is one of the reasons I don't upgrade to a new OS until it's jailbreakable. Unfortunately there are some negative aspects, from mere annoyance of the popups, to other people using your idevice, to performance problems in some scenarios. It's a great tweak, but it's certainly not an "install it and forget it" tool like desktop anti-virus. If you're just looking to prevent push email, you're better off just disabling that in the settings.

Also, the and connections (as shown in the screenshot) are a bug introduced with iOS 5. They're not actual network connections.