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Thread: "Current Plan" to Not Bring Siri to Older Devices, Proximity Sensor to Blame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoEtikly View Post
    If the devs find a way to successfully port and release Siri to the general jailbreaking community Apple will have a phone call in to the lawyers as soon as its released. The postings of a ported Siri alone would let Apple know. And like somebody said earlier, Apple will know which non 4S iPhones are using because of the servers. Then there goes your warranty if you have one. It's not like you're able to restore so you can take the phone in for repair. Apple will have digital evidence proving you jailbroke your phone. Plain and simple, the lawsuit alone will stop any porting to older devices UNLESS Apple does it themselves which won't happen because of the reasons already given in above comments, revenue and a reason to go to 4S.
    Please keep in mind that it's very easy to edit, duplicate, or otherwise spoof any certificates, serial numbers, etc. Apple would use to determine what model of iPhone connected to their servers. Such is the beauty of a device which its owner has full root control, while the enforcing company must inherently rely on a security system already compromised by the user and transmitted by means that were never truly secure.

    I predict Apple will likely be decidedly apathetic about it. It's minimal skin off their nose. Perhaps there will be lawsuits, but I doubt that will halt a port's dissemination or use.

    Quote Originally Posted by javiert30 View Post
    "Oh and they want people to have an additional incentive to buy the iPhone 4S."That's the main reason.
    There's this dirty rumor that Apple is a Fortune 50 company run by a bunch of capitalist executives for capitalist shareholders demanding maximum profits and revenues... and they're selling this new product with new features to maximize those very profits! Don't know if there's any merit to these allegations, however.

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    Game changing Apple may be...but they still practice business just like all the other money grabbing consumer fleecing organisations out there.

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    It doesn't make sense for Apple to port Siri to older devices. Porting Siri to iphone 4 would basically make the 4s and 4 identical except for upgraded hardware. Simply, not smart business.Also, it might cause too much of a strain on the servers. Siri has enough problems connecting with just the 4s. Adding the 3gs and 4 to it could possibly multiply that problem. In my opinion, if you want 4s features, buy a 4s. If not, then be content with what you have.

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    I'm with Mark, Apple wouldn't really exist would they if all they did is added the new Features onto older hardware why would they it just doesn't make business sense.

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