Last year, Consumer Reports famously condemned and correspondingly withdrew its recommendation of the iPhone 4 due to the antenna issues that came to be known as the "Death Grip" phenomenon. The venerable publication's firm disapproval of the device and criticisms for Apple's handling of the problem garnered widespread global media attention.

As you may have noticed, however, Consumer Reports didn't really impact sales of the iPhone 4 in any tangible or negative fashion.

But, alas, Consumer Reports has once again welcomed Apple into its good graces. On Tuesday, Consumer Reports formally announced that it is, indeed, recommending the iPhone 4S to readers. The reason? According to the magazine, the iPhone 4S isn't afflicted with the same ailing antenna issues of the previous model.

"Apple’s newest smart phone performed very well in our tests," the report reads, "and while it closely resembles the iPhone 4 in appearance, it doesn’t suffer the reception problem we found in its predecessor in special tests in our labs."

The Apple iPhone 4S did very well in our standard tests of battery life; like the iPhone 4, it scores Very Good overall on that attribute. And the iPhone 4S and new samples of the iPhone 4 have displayed no notable battery problems in additional special tests we carried out, after some owners complained on user forums of short run times with some samples of both phones.
Despite all the improvements the iPhone 4S logs over the previous model, Consumer Reports says these pluses were still not enough "to allow the iPhone 4S to outscore the best new Android-based phones in our Ratings." Among the top scorers are the Samsung Galaxy S II phones, the Motorola Droid Bionic, and other smartphones that deliver larger displays and run on faster 4G networks.

Source: Consumer Reports