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Thread: Circumvent the Annoying 'Slide to Answer' With EZDecline [GIVEAWAY]

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    Default Circumvent the Annoying 'Slide to Answer' With EZDecline [GIVEAWAY]

    EZDecline allows you to get rid of being forced into sliding to answer a call.

    How many times has this happened to you? You're in class or at work, and suddenly you get a phone call out of the blue? Ring ring ring. You glance over. You're mad because the ringing won't stop. You try to decline the call. Your hands are full. All it says is, "Slide to Answer." You have to press the sleep button twice. Nice. What a major inconvenience thanks to the incoming call.

    John Heaton, the developer of EZDecline, has a solution. EZDecline is an aging tweak that's been around for a while. The good news here is that it's been fully updated for iOS 5. It will still work on iOS 4. Installing the tweak from Cydia yields no options to configure, you simply respring your device after installing and you're good to go. Once installed, you'll notice that when you receive an incoming call from your lock screen that you'll have the option to answer it or decline it handed to you on a silver platter; or should I say, on a black, glassy screen. Instead of having to deal with the sleep button when you can't grab your phone and press it at the moment because your hands are full, you can simply tap on decline with your elbow or something and your call will be forwarded to your inbox. From there the caller can leave a voicemail and you can get right back to your game or whatever you were doing when you received the call. There's no need to feel pressured into answering a call on your iPhone anymore. The look of the tweak is absolutely gorgeous. It has an Apple-like option menu GUI and works like a charm; it just works. I'm an avid user of it myself and I find it very convenient. I love being able to easily decline phone calls when need be.

    Talking to John Heaton, I was able to learn a little about him. Also, I got some insight as to why he made the tweak and some information about it:

    Anthony: How long have you been a jailbreak tweak developer? What are some of your previous or upcoming projects? What are some of your favorite things to use on iOS? And you can share anything else about yourself.
    John: I've been doing development on jailbroken iOS(was iPhone OS) since back in the days with Installer, in like 1.1.2. It's actually what got me into programming altogether. I really wanted to know how the applications worked, so I went and taught myself. After a couple of years of refinement though I've become a far better programmer and now fun little projects like this keep me going when I'm swamped with big projects.

    As far as previous/upcoming projects, Locktopus is fit to see an update as soon as Coleman and I get some more time. Coming up exclusively from me, however, is a tweak that will hook into your Photos/Cameras app and make it SUPER easy to manage (and view) your photos with location data. I think it's gonna be really cool and people are going to love it. It has a very Apple-ish design.

    Hmmm... on iOS I pretty much have ten bajillion apps, so there isn't any specific thing that I like that it is capable of.

    Just wanna say thanks @ih8sn0w for testing because I tortured him so bad ;P

    Anthony: What made you think of the tweak and was there a special motivation or story behind it?
    John: Well, I felt that the current way that Apple wants you to ignore/dismiss calls from the lock screen is really unintuitive and pretty annoying. My girlfriend used to call me when I was sleeping all the time and I eventually just made this.

    Anthony: So the tweak was updated for iOS 5, what were some the fixes from the previous version?
    John: Apple changed how they did all the things I had used to my advantage to make it work completely. I had to rethink and wound up writing a completely new, separate version for iOS 5, and just keeping it as an update. Because of its simplicity though, there's not much that can be a bug, so no real fixes.

    Anthony: Does the tweak work for all iDevices? For example when you FaceTime someone on an iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone?
    John: Yeah, it works on everything that can currently be jailbroken, in iOS 4 and iOS 5. It works for phone calls and FaceTime calls.

    EZDecline costs 99 and can be downloaded on Cydia from the BigBoss repo. It is currently version 2.0 and works with any jailbroken iOS 4 or iOS 5 device.

    Yeah, yeah, flashy words and long paragraphs... WHERE'S MY GIVEAWAY?
    John Heaton was very generous, and he wants to give away 15 copies of EZDecline to the lucky readers of ModMyi. To win, you must use Twitter. The requirements are as follows:

    Follow me @Geop0x
    Follow ModMyi @modmyi
    Retweet this article with your Cydia number in the tweet – if you do not have the Cydia number in your tweet, you will be disqualified from the drawing. Within the tweet you must also mention @Geop0x so that I can easily see who has entered the drawing. If you don't mention me, you will also be disqualified.

    Winners will be announced on Thursday, November 3.

    Good luck to all of you! If you like EZDecline, leave a comment telling us why with your Twitter handle included in the comment to improve your chances of winning!

    Sources: John Heaton
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    I love EZ Decline because it allows me to ignore some call from people i don't want to talk to easily. It's a simple and awesome tweak that should be on any jailbroken device. My twitter account is @borregro

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    Yu can just hit one of the volume buttons to silence a call, you can still answer it but the ringer just stops ringing. Still cool for some people I guess.

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    cool. i like this

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    Push the button with your elbow? Wtf?

    I always just hit a volume button, but does sound like a useful tweak.

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    You can double tap the power button to decline a call. Why does no one know this?

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    Just double-click the Sleep/Wake button on top of your iPhone to reject a call. Clicking it once will silent it.

    I can still see using this because there are times when I pick up my phone to do something and I get a call. It takes away 2 actions

    I don't want to waste my non-existant chance to win a giveaway on this site so I will not add my twitter name for this app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willdacracka View Post
    You can double tap the power button to decline a call. Why does no one know this?
    This was posted in the OP - the first paragraph. I do find lockscreen tweeks like this a bit silly though, especially in this case considering (as already mentioned) that a single tap of the sleep button will silence the call, while two taps will end the call and divert to voicemail. Not that hard and doesn't risk a call getting answered by your pocket by accident.
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    this is cool thanks.... you guys think will be able to fix the gps issue on the iPhone 3G 4.2.1 bb 16.05.00...with all my wish that we can have a tweak for it...thank you guys are the best.

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    Useful tweak. Heck I didn't even know about the double click sleep to decline.

    Informative article to say the least

    As for the giveaway, I don't twitter or Facebook, I only do MMi so no chance there lol
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    I could see this tweak being extremely awesome of it used the proximity sensor to enable or disable.

    Reason why I say this is cause if I have my phone in my pocket, I could either decline on a family member on accident, or Answer a call from a family member (lol) when I didn't mean to.

    However if I doing someone and my phone was right out in the open it would be nice to decline with our having to grab the phone and use the sleep button.

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    I think it would've been much better to have an slide to decline action, like on Android. With this tweak I guess it's much easier to either answer or decline a call on accident when picking up your phone from your pocket.

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    Deffinately worth considering. I'm so tired of the apple slide to answer..

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    Callbar FTW I'm afraid.

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    Who would want this tweak? That would make it so easy to accidentally accept or decline a call with your leg while your phone is in your pocket. There's a reason you slide to unlock/answer and not tap to unlock. And like others have already pointed out, it's as simple as pressing the power button once to silence the ring and again to decline.

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    I use this one but this is the ultimate combination:

    Proximity sensor enabled (in pocket/bag):
    Slide to Answer
    Slide to Reject
    Slide to Silence

    Proximity Sensor Enabled (out of pocket/bag):
    Tap to Answer
    Tap to Reject
    Tap to Silence

    CallBar enabled.

    Game anyone? I'm happy share my $!
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    Quote Originally Posted by willdacracka View Post
    You can double tap the power button to decline a call. Why does no one know this?
    Agreed. This tweak doesn't seem useful. Lol. One press of the sleep/power and it silences the ring. Two presses and it's sent to voicemail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Own3d View Post
    Agreed. This tweak doesn't seem useful. Lol. One press of the sleep/power and it silences the ring. Two presses and it's sent to voicemail.
    Well in my opinion, it seems un-Apple-like not to include a touch feature like this. Especially since Jobs envisioned a device with no buttons.

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    I like the concept of EZDecline and its simplicity, becuase it just works the way everyone including myself are used to. My twitter account is @sangwooksohn Thanks! ;-)

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