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Thread: Apple Reportedly Working to Remedy Degraded iPhone 4S Battery Life

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    This years version of "AntennaGate"...

    Has anyone coined the phrase "BatteryGate" yet??! If not....I am taking credit for it!!
    El Zurdo

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    I don't think it has anything to do with the 4S. I have a iPhone 4 used it on every beta and battery life was fine until 5.0GM. On the public 5.0 battery life is terrible on my iPhone 4, and bad but not as bad on my iPhone 4S. Something in the 5.0GM is causing the battery drain I believe so it should be able to be fixed with an update.

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    Its not just 4s i think my 4 battery deminished a tad

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    Well the 4S does have 100 hours less battery in standby than the i4.

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    I have iPhone4 and have noticed a fairly noticeable improvement in battery life since upgrading to ios5, however I did a clean restore to ios5 not an upgrade. I have noticed people that simply upgraded are having weird issues including battery life ones so try a clean restore, set up new phone without restoring backup

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    My 4s battery sucks. A LOT. That's all.

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    Weird... i never really heard of any battery issues. I thought the media would've made a bigger deal out of this, they love to tear the big companies apart when any issue arises. Removed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xclusiveiphone View Post
    One of the main cause is the inability to turn off 3G services. 3G requires a large amount of battery to maintain service.
    fortunately there will be a jailbreak for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by PathKiller29 View Post
    actually that applies to all batteries, there meant to die (all the way) then charged (all the way to 100%) and if it is left too long, u "over charge" it where it ends up permanently damaging the battery making it have an even shorter life span
    however my 3gs didnt seem to die that fast, and it had some wear and tear on it charging (abusive charging)
    I think your thinking is more along the lines of Nicad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chityuulay View Post
    eh i don't remember reading anything from official apple site or manual stating about 4 hours or overcharging. aren't those device suppose to build in smart circuit or something like that? and where did i say i overcharged? or overnight is overcharging?
    I agree with you totally. The data speed, Siri, and better cameras isn't much of a competition for great battery life, mywi, bite SMS, and 600 bucks in my hand. Hmmm..

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    Quote Originally Posted by The naomi View Post
    I think it's an ios5 issue. I'm on ip4 and my battery has been suffering since my iOS 5 update. Hope apple looks into the update as well as the ip4s.

    Started using iOS 5 when beta 1 hit. Gave up after beta 3. My iPhone 4 would run a marathon on 4.3.3
    Upgraded to iOS 5 and bam, leg cramps...

    5.0 destroys batteries faster on every device I own EXCEPT one. My old bootrom backup 3GS. For some reason,
    the battery lasted quite a bit longer on iOS 5.
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    Is this problem on all iPhone 4s, or just some of them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmt View Post
    Is this problem on all iPhone 4s, or just some of them?
    Mine was really bad. So I turned off Siri and iCloud and location services off and brightness to 50% and everything seems fine now.

    Edit I turned Siri back on and everything seems fine still.

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    Battery life on my iPhone 4 and 3GS is about the same running iOS 5.

    My 4S is on order...hope I don't run into this problem with it.

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    Yea that 4s battery blows but that chip that was placed in drains battery faster. Well I have no problem on my iPhone 4

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    "actually that applies to all batteries, there meant to die (all the way) then charged (all the way to 100%) and if it is left too long, u "over charge" it where it ends up permanently damaging the battery making it have an even shorter life span
    however my 3gs didnt seem to die that fast, and it had some wear and tear on it charging (abusive charging)"

    Not true, depends on the battery chemistry, in this case, li-poly or li-ion, doesn't suffer from the memory effect(typical of a NiMH battery), also, there is a PMIC inside the phone, you can't overcharge it, the circuitry manages battery charging automatically.

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    This complaint isn't new. You get a new phone, you use the hell out of it for the first few weeks. I am sure we all fall into this category. I am not seeing a greatly reduced battery life at all. I just recently (about 2 months ago) went back to iPhone 4 from my EVO and was using it a whole lot. Shortly after the 4S came out, so I am still using it about the same frequency. Battery seems almost identical to me.

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    Yea my iPhone 4 blew my 4S out of the water with battery life... I use mine for work too which means through the day I'm taking and making lots of calls with 1 hotmail account and 1 exchange account for mail both on push. I'll take my phone off charge around 8am and it won't even make it to 5pm if I don't have it charging on my desk while I'm not out on the road and I even make a point to now have my car charger connected at all times as I can't afford not to be contactable through the day but it's hardly a "MOBILE" phone anymore.

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    Has anyone actually looked at the diagnostic logs that their phone is sending out? Mine has tens of logs every hour, of everyday. And at the bottom of the list it has low memory logs every single day. Tmw as a test I am turning off all diagnostic logs, not sending them to apple, and turning off the location service for it and testing.


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    Default 3GS battery drain
    I have a 3gs that at one point was down to 50% in one hour. I stopped everything except icloud with little success. Once i deleted icloud and restarted the phone I was fine. I believe what happens is the phone is continuously copying data in preparation for when you plug it in so it can upload backups to icloud. Zombie Steve Jobs was eating my battery!!

    memory available with icloud and winterboard about 11 mb
    with winterboard no icloud about 120 mb
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