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Thread: iOS is 'PWNING' Nintendo's Profits

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    Default iOS is 'PWNING' Nintendo's Profits

    Apple is completely wiping Nintendo's popularity off of the face of the earth.

    It was shortly after the release of the Nintendo 3DS that Nintendo had to downsize the price. Why? The iPod touch and the iPhone 4, which used to cost less than the Nintendo 3DS, proved to be a more popular gaming solution than any game that Nintendo game creators could whip up. No one wanted to buy $30+ game cartridges anymore. The future is here, and Apple saw that it would mean downloadable content would be the mainstream way to carry games with us.

    The choice is clear. Do you want to carry around cases of game cartridges for your clunky Nintendo 3DS? Or do you want to be able to download and delete games on the fly on your sleek, slim iPod touch or iPhone? The consumers have made this decision, and it is shown by how Nintendo's sales numbers are draining as each sales quarter goes by.

    Nintendo, the maker of the Wii, 3DS, DSi, and more reported that over a time span of just six months, they lost $925 million to the all-in-one mobile device maker, Apple. Nintendo is hanging on by threads. They hope that the upcoming holidays and promotions that stores will offer will help them sell their machines. They expect that through 2012 the Wii and 3DS will continue to fall victim to Apple's device cannibalization. With the iPhone 4S bringing a compact gaming experience that's seven to eight times better than the iPhone 4, Nintendo is going to have a hard time trying to sell their devices. Additionally, Apple's engineers keep making the iPhone better. Nintendo is already 3 steps behind and I don't see them being about to outpace Apple any time soon.

    The cannibalization of the market is beyond the stretch of Apple, though. Nintendo sees Android smartphones as a massive threat to their business as well. Android phones have graphics capabilities that equate the iPhone, however the iPhone 4S is currently in the lead of all smartphones.

    Nintendo has failed to cooperate with Apple, in that they have been encouraged to release their games on the Apple iOS platform. Games such as Mario, and Zelda. Nintendo sternly said no. While it may have been a reach for Nintendo, it certainly would have helped them rake in some revenue. With all of the iDevices out on the market, selling their games on the App Store would help with their upcoming debt problems. With addicting quick-sellers on the iOS platform such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Words with Friends, Nintendo will need to make an urgent decision. Maybe soon, Nintendo will see that there is no other choice but to come to peace with the saying, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

    What do you think? Should Nintendo release their games on the iOS platform for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: Apple Insider
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    nice !

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    absolutely. i want my pokemanz

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    I think that most iOS games SUCK when compared to dsi & psp games, they are simply not deep & feel cheap. Nintendo & Sony need a portable system that comes with there own version of an AppStore, where we can conveniently buy games. They need to get with the times! Duh

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    Haha this article is full of incorrect information. I enjoy my iPhone as much as the next guy, but come on.

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    Damn this is true. I used my XL n then i got a ipod 4g for xmas n i havent used XL since

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    Quote Originally Posted by bstunt10190 View Post
    absolutely. I want my pokemanz

    Must have!!!

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    Thumbs up Yessir
    Quote Originally Posted by Kariodude View Post
    Haha this article is full of incorrect information. I enjoy my iPhone as much as the next guy, but come on.
    Nah dude apple really is slamming a lot of companies indirectly but putting up way too much competition. The figures in the article are definitely accurate and that's all that's needed conclude that Nintendo is indeed struggling against competitors. However, I give it up to Nintendo for trying to not conform with everyone else and to try to remain releasing there consoles themselves and games for that matter but hey it really wasn't a bad idea to get on with Apple. They should definitely reconsider if they aren't trying to drive there company into the ground.

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    I will stick with established handhelds for real mobile gaming. The way some of the controls are for some decent games for movement just don't work well on a touch screen. Mainly talking about directional pad.

    There are some decent games to play on iOS but for RPG side the issue is stated above.

    Have a DS, not intereseted in 3DS to much. Used it several times at a friend's house. Waiting on Vita to give it a test drive.

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    I'd buy super mario bros and zelda for ios lol :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carvensno View Post
    I'd buy super mario bros and zelda for ios lol :P
    if i was nintendo i would definitely stick to my guns and not put my games on the iphone or ipod touch or android because if you do that you might as well close up your portable game shop and give in and stick to consoles and even then in the end you could end up closing your doors period. come out with good games at a cheaper price. most iphone games arent deep at all merely quick entertainment. Stop releasing a new DS every year or so and forcus on software. I agree with one of the other people come out with your own app store for the 3DS and DS lines that port the older games over for cheap and fight. Because once you go down to apple you wont be getting back up.

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    Well, since no jailbreak is available for the 4S, then heck yes!!! I'd love some legal NES games on my iDevice!! ROMs are so hard to come by these days

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    Mario Kart on the iOS platform?
    Sent from my iPhone 4.

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    Zelda for ios!
    War is my mission. Killing is my ambition.

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    I personally would love Nintendo games on iPhone games they sell for handheld would do great on iOS.
    I have an XL but it's more a novelty now. Nintendo needs to swallow their pride and port some of their top sellers. I know alot of kids heck and adults would love to have Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, etc. on their iDevices. They would increase their popularity IMO.

    They have a poor version of an AppStore already and it flat out sucks.

    3DS failure is only the beginning. I know I dont care to have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hogcia View Post
    I think that most iOS games SUCK when compared to dsi & psp games, they are simply not deep & feel cheap. Nintendo & Sony need a portable system that comes with there own version of an AppStore, where we can conveniently buy games. They need to get with the times! Duh
    well what do you call PSN for Sony? plus Nintendo Wii/DSi has its own shop store.. durr!

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    Maybe I should change my screen name. Lmao
    Screw syncing....I drag & drop!!!

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    What a bullsh*t article with zero facts to back it up.
    Where are sales figures?
    Where are the figures that Nintendo has spent a ton of money in the last 24 months on R&D for two new products?
    Where is the fact Nintendo still has more money in the bank than Sony?
    Why does Apples success not effect Microsoft or Sonys gaming divisions?
    Why is the 3DS selling better than the DS did in its first year?

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Do it Nintendo! I would love some Mario on my iPhone!!

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    I dont know bout u guys but I've had NES,SNES,PS games already on my iphone since I got my iphone 3G when it was released. NES app anyone???

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