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    Default IntelliScreenX: In-Depth

    Learn about every part of Intelliborn's upcoming IntelliScreenX.

    Approximately a week ago, ModMyi reported that Intelliborn, famous for applications such as My3G, Tlert, Intelliscreen, and others, demoed their new upcoming Notification Center application IntelliScreenX. The video they provided gave us an inside look to what IntelliScreenX has to offer; and from what we've seen, it's for sure a full-fledged application. Although the video was informative to a great extent, there's nothing better than getting a component-by-component low down on an upcoming application with screenshots, explanations, and the whole shebang.

    Courtesy of the Intelliborn team, we're privileged to be one of the beta testers for IntelliScreenX and are here to give you the low down. It's broken into sections for easy readability. So sit down, relax, and take a ride into Intelliborn's IntelliScreenX.

    Notification Center Shade:

    IntelliScreenX's functionality and whole well being is locked into the Notification Center pull-down itself. It does more than just replace certain elements, it infuses itself inside the Notification Center and makes it an entirely new experience. IntelliScreenX deals with all notifications and is available on both the lock screen and on your SpringBoard (another words, inside your device). To activate IntelliScreenX, you simply pull down from the status bar to view the Notification Center. This applies for both the lock screen as well as inside your device.

    All Notifications:

    When you first pull down the Notification Center (whether you're on the lock screen or inside your device), you're likely to come across the all notifications page. In this case of my representation, the all notifications page comes up on the second page dot (placement can be changed in settings - discussed further down). On this page, you have access to all your notifications. Just like the regular Notification Center, tapping on any of the alerts brings you straight to that application. This page also displays the following:

    • The time
    • Twitter feed
    • System toggles

    Twitter and Facebook Feed:

    The live Twitter and Facebook feed constantly fetches and updates the most recent tweet or post to show up on your timeline. To view farther back, you can simply swipe forward and backwards within that feed to go forward or backwards through the tweets. There is a full Twitter and Facebook view as well, but this will be discussed later on.

    System Toggles:

    IntelliScreenX also adds important toggles that are easily accessible from the Notification Center. To view them, just swipe down until they are shown. Note that these toggles are only viewable on the all notifications page. The toggles include:

    • Airplane
    • BlueTooth
    • WiFi
    • Data
    • Rotation
    • Respring
    • Brightness (swipe to the left on the system toggle area to view the slider)

    Collapse Tabs:

    You can also collapse tabs on the all notifications page to hide certain notifications. To collapse a tab, simply tap on its bar. To unhide it, tap the bar again. The convenient part of collapsing the tap is well is that it displays how many notifications are in that certain section.


    The next page of IntelliScreenX deals with the mail client (differs depending on which page it is set to). The mail shows all recent mail that is received on your device from all accounts you have (mail that comes in your unified Inbox). As you can see, this page also displays more lines of content then the regular Notification Center would (can be set in Settings - discussed below).

    Mail Options:

    If you tap a message inside the mail client view, it expands the email entirely so you can view the entire message. Also, at the top, three buttons appear. They are the following:

    • Delete - delete the email right from IntelliScreenX
    • Mark Unread/Read - Mark read or unread depending on what it's set to originally
    • Open - brings up the so you can reply to an email or do something with the application


    On the Twitter page, you can view your entire Twitter feed. Swiping down and up will scroll you through your entire feed. IntelliScreenX uses the native iOS Twitter integration, so in order to use it, you must sign into your Twitter account in Settings -> Twitter. Pulling down from the top of the page allows you to refresh your Twitter timeline.


    Tapping on the "X" button in the top right corner of the screen will allow you to tweet directly from IntelliScreenX. A keyboard comes up and allows you to type. Simply type and hit "Tweet." Tapping the red "X" button on the left side of the keyboard will close out of keyboard view and delete anything you've typed.

    Twitter Options

    Tapping on a tweet inside the feed will give you the options to do the following:

    • Open
    • Reply

    The Open button brings you into the Twitter client you have (i.e. Tweetbot for me). Reply allows you to reply back to a tweet right from IntelliScreenX. The same keyboard as the Tweet window comes up and allows you to type.


    Another page focuses on just Facebook. It houses your feed and allows you to scroll through your entire feed if you wish. If you hold down from the tap and pull down, you can even refresh your feed. In order to use Facebook with IntelliScreenX, you must sign in with IntelliScreenX and authorize its use with Facebook.

    Facebook Post:

    Just like Twitter, you can post to your Facebook feed directly from IntelliScreenX. Simply tap the "X" button on the top right corner to begin your post. The keyboard comes up as well and all the same options as discussed in the Twitter section apply.

    Facebook Options:

    Tapping on a post on your Facebook feed gives you the following options:

    • Open - Opens you directly to the
    • Like - Like a post on Facebook directly from IntelliScreenX
    • Reply - Comment on a post from your Facebook feed right from IntelliScreenX

    RSS Feeds

    On top of the Twitter and Facebook page, you also have an RSS feed page. Depending on what RSS feeds you add, you can scroll down and view every post to your RSS feeds. Tapping on any of the messages will open up Reader on your device so that you can read the full RSS message. You can clear all RSS messages by tapping the "X" button in the top right corner and than hitting "X."


    For such a comprehensive application, you'd be surprised how much customization you have. You can access the IntelliScreenX settings from either Settings -> IntelliScreenX or conveniently from the SpringBoard with the IntelliScreenX icon.

    Inside settings, you can change a menagerie of things. Here is the full comprehensive list:

    Visible Pages:
    • Change how the elements are displayed in order of pages (from top to bottom)
    • Disable a certain element from the Notification Center
    • Change Title and Message Color
    • Set the number of lines for preview (amount of content shown)
    • Enable or disable certain mail accounts to be shown (Mail only)
    • Refresh settings (Twitter, Facebook and RSS) - includes number of minutes before refresh as well as choosing for it to refresh upon going to that page in IntelliScreenX
    • Add or delete RSS feeds (RSS only)
    • Import from Google Reader (RSS only)

    • Show on Lock Screen
    • Show on Startup
    • Lock Screen Dim (set number of seconds)

    Lock Screen Cell Back Opacity:
    • Change the opacity of the background area of IntelliScreenX on the lock screen

    Status Bar Icons:
    • Change which icons show up on the status bar (Missed Calls, Unread SMS, Unread Mail)

    Show Calendar Notifications:
    • Change how far in advance IntelliScreenX displays Events and Reminders (both are set separately)

    Lock Screen Alert Behavior:
    • Show Banners
    • Hide ISX For Alerts - will hide IntelliScreenX when the device is asleep and a new lock screen notification arrives

    Stay tuned for what is to come. IntelliScreenX is not out in public beta at this time. It is limited to a select few people. ModMyi will keep you updated in this regard and will break the news as soon as it is available.

    IntelliScreenX will be $9.99 for new users and $7.99 for those who upgrade upon public release. IntelliScreenX will not support the iPad initially, however they will be aiming to incorporate it soon.

    So - with this comprehensive review, what do you think? Are you super stoked? What things catch your eye the most? Post your comments here!

    Special thanks to Mario Ciabarra of Intelliborn.

    Note: I am beta testing Siri on my iPhone 4; that's why the microphone icon is showing up when I pull up a keyboard. There's no 4S jailbreak at this time.
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