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Thread: Siri On iPhone 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by aggelos81 View Post
    To all saying that the iphone 4 and a4 in general is slow with Siri. The person who made this all possible @stroughtonsmith has uploaded a new video with the gpu accelerated version of Siri. All they need to do now is find a way to authenticate the iphone 4 into apple's servers and they are done
    Looks like it is coming along nicely.

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    I can't wait... :-)

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    yay ! On a random note has anyone looked into how much data usage this thing uses? (I'm assuming it uses data becuase it only works when you have interent.)

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    What can jailbreaking do next

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    apple clearly is using siri as a push to sell more 4s', total shame, since the original siri works just fine on my iphone 4. no surprise apple's version does just as well.

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    Excuse me, I think I just came! 
    A massive thanks to those guys/girls for the effort. I'll buy you a drink when I'm done. where's my tissue?


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    This is just what I wanted to read about.
    I Like Eletronics

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    This would be great if they can make it happen...Truthfully that was the only thing that made me even consider uping to the S.. I think ios5 takes care of most of the other benifits except for a little more speed..

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    I fail to see how this isn't the same as a pirated app. Apple is licensing Siri to iPhone 4s purchasers only, are they not? Don't get me wrong, this is pretty exciting, and I will likely have reason to put this on our iPhone 4, but just saying, this is, at the very least, a grey area.

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    Is somebody able to explain to me how/why is porting Siri to the iPhone 4 considered piracy? Does the Siri license specifically prohibit it from running on any other device than the iPhone 4S?

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    Quote Originally Posted by charliebee View Post
    Is somebody able to explain to me how/why is porting Siri to the iPhone 4 considered piracy? Does the Siri license specifically prohibit it from running on any other device than the iPhone 4S?

    i question it's authenticity. Why does the carrier logo go from tmob to at&t?

    just felt like unlocking while hacking? i can't think of a reason apart from the graphics fix being a iphone 4s.

    i hope it's not but just saying. If anyone could clear this up for me, i would appreciate it.

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    I hope it gets released the same time as the untethered jailbreak. Great work porting it, devs! You guys are awesome.

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    That's why I'll be forever jailbreak supporter! Thanks guys!

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    Looking very very good. Thanks .

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    Until they get it working with Apples Data servers, this is pointless.

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    Is this a tweak? Will it be available on iOS 4? Because I already updated my iPT 4 to iOS 5 and when an untethered jailbreak comes out, see if I can enable Siri through a .plist hack.

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    The second video is an iPhone 4 for sure. Look at the proximity sensor
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    that was officially the scariest thing you have ever said str4y.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pancho paco View Post
    Dude T.M.I

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    Holy crap they got the GPU drivers already, seems as it works perfectly. If they can authenticate it on apples servers its done, w00t.

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    It would be cool if they ported it to the iPad.

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    Update: There's a new video posted, he's already improved the speed of it within a few hours. Unfortunately it still can't connect to apple's servers but it's getting there and fast too!Siri enabled on the iPhone 4 - YouTube

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