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Thread: Siri Assistant Has Limited Features Outside of U.S, Updates Coming 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
    No maps of traffic? are you serious? I can get maps and traffic on google maps on my iphone in Canada, so why can't siri just read it to me?
    I guess it will work in Canada with no problems

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    I don't see why it shouldn't work

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    Me: "Siri, what is the meaning of life?"
    Siri:" If you live in the US, then work hard, earn lots of money, which you spend at Apple stores. That's the purpose of your life! If you live outside the US you currently have no purpose of life."
    My brain: "Yeah right!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by spider_romeo View Post
    So is not world-phone.....
    Do you know what world phone means or not?

    It doesn't have nothing to do with Siri ;$

    Quote Originally Posted by enog View Post
    They announced that it would be like this, during the launch event! Did nobody pay any attention?!
    Even my niece overseas told me Siri only speak english. People aren't paying attention and then they wanna be posting 
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    It seems that Siri is not going to change the world... just the US...

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    Ok just gotta say that I really like Siri. I'm in the US, not planning on traveling anytime soon so not a big deal for me. But, when I do go overseas for vacation I'd really love for it to work where I'm visiting. So I do hope apple makes the upgrades by next year. As for the 4s itself, it's fast and as always is the easiest and cleanest operating system out there. Even when jail broken (which I've had done since the first gen and some guy in a best buy store said to's modified, you wouldn't understand...yea because I'm a girl.lmao. Went home that night found this site.) it's always been simple, clean and easy to use. Easy to fix issues. Just don't get all the negativity on the posts. :/ I'm loving all my apple products!

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