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Thread: Google, Samsung Delay Smartphone Introduction Out of Respect to Steve Jobs

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    why?? the show must go on. i dont see why samsung/google feels that they need to delay anything. apple didnt change the pre-order date or the release date of the ip4s. thats the way Steve would of wanted it.

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    Google CEO and Steve Jobs had very close ties and only parted because Google moved into Apple's teritorry. They were seen enjoying each other's company a few times after Eric's step down from Apple Board.

    Also Samsung and Apple may fight but Apple pays Samsung a ton of money for supplies.

    So they all were close business partners at some point. I doubt the CEOs hated each other but the lawsuits came as way to protect each other's company.

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    I bet u that's what there saying but really there trying to make it either better or closer to the 4s

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    My comment... that is good business!

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    I'm old enough and ugly enough to see straight through their "respect". Look over the past year...RESPECT!! Give me a break. They have their business related reasons, period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fbiryujin View Post
    Especially sue-happy ones like Google, and Samsung who are at Apple's throat all the time over petty crap. They earned some respect from me today.
    You should lose all respect to Apple then, Apple is one of the most lawsuit happy company in the world probably.
    You also know that if it was Google founder that past away, Steve Jobs would introduce 4S AND 5 to "put the last nail on the coffin".

    Quote Originally Posted by DirkAloha View Post
    Are you kidding me?! These companies are and always will be after Apple. Their definition of competition is to mimick whatever Apple is doing. The only reason they postponed their event is because something went wrong with either OS or phone, probably both!!Please don't get fooled by the smokescreen!!
    You are kidding right?
    Last I checked you do not need a fully functioning device for product intro, also the product come out soon after the introduction to keep the momentum going. Which means they already ordered the parts and already started making the device way before product unveiling.
    Do you think Apple can come up with millions of iPhone 4S between product intro and launch? You do not rent out a huge hall for this product intro and cancel last minute, that is a lot of money that they will not get back. If it was as you say the device not working, they would still show what the device looked like functional or not.
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    Ice cream sandwich? Mmmmmm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenderRodriguez View Post
    I bet u that's what there saying but really there trying to make it either better or closer to the 4s
    The 4s is just now bringing Apple up to par with the average Android phone. Its software is what will make it shine though. From what I am seeing from ICS it will be really anticlimactic. The only benefit will be a huge step towards ending fragmentation. Why is it hard to believe that Google and Samsung would be respectful?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norb View Post
    I'm really confused on how postponing a product release has anything to do with showing respect for the dead. I call BS on this it doesn't even make sense, if they want to show respect to anyone maybe they should come up with more original ideas.
    most of the stuff out there now is not "original" to the manufacturers these days....

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    I pretty much agree with those who believe this is a move to let themselves get better press coverage after the news/reactions to Jobs death dwindles down.
    Neither company has said specifically why the delay is happening. If it *was* out of respect, trust me they would have PR-ed the heck out of it and told us from the get go.
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    at the end of the day, we all are still the same....

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    Actually, I remember hearing that they had a software problem and needed to delay it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryafc View Post

    and after the anticlimactic 4s they can afford a little breathing room... i bet this wouldn't happen if apple dropped the 5!
    The iPhone 5 did get's called iPhone 4S. If the 4S name bothers you so much, start calling it iPhone 5 because after all, it is the 5th generation iPhone.
    We have to stop reading rumors speculating on what the next iPhone/iPad should be until Apple officially announces anything. Apple didn't promise us two new phones nor a new design, we conjured those products ourselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlatoTheForms View Post
    The iPhone 5 did get's called iPhone 4S. If the 4S name bothers you so much, start calling it iPhone 5 because after all, it is the 5th generation iPhone.
    my point isn't about the name at all... i don't care what you call this new generation iPhone, my point was we where all hopping and expecting a redesigned iPhone not and upgrade to the normal handset, weather or not that expectation was right or wrong, it was still reflected in the shares of apple stock dropping on the day of release... you can spend all day arguing about the name it doesn't change anything...

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