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Thread: The iPhone 4S Pre-order Adventure (Unlimited Data?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatbiguns View Post
    Unlocked iPhone 4S available in November

    Summary: Pre-ordering an iPhone 4S just got more complicated with Apple quietly revealing pricing for an unlocked version for frequent flyers and contract-adverse.

    16GB Unlocked = $649 32GB Unlocked = $749 64GB Unlocked = $849

    Just as Apple began taking pre-orders for the iPhone 4S on its website this morning, some eagle-eyed visitors suddenly discovered they could order an unlocked version direct from Apple (just like the iPhone 4), rather sign a contract with either AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. This is a tidbit that Apple never announced at its “Let’s Talk iPhone” event earlier this week. But the convenience of not being tied to a carrier comes with some costs: the unlocked iPhone 4S won’t arrive till some time November and the unsubsidized price tags are quite steep — as much as $849 for the 64 GB version.

    Although the iPhone 4S is already a world phone with both the GSM and CDMA antennae, for those who travel internationally on a regular basis, an unlocked GSM phone is the way to go as you won’t have to pay your U.S. carrier roaming charges when you are abroad, especially for data. With an unlocked iPhone 4S, all you have to do is buy a local micro-SIM card from a GSM carrier and swap out your American one while you’re traveling.

    When you’re in America, the only downside to an unlocked iPhone 4S is that you won’t be able to take advantage of Sprint or Verizon’s unlimited plans or better cellular coverage (in certain areas) because the phone will only be compatible with GSM networks. In other words, you will be limited to AT&T or T-Mobile as your carrier. (A micro-SIM card will be included in the unlocked phone.) For T-Mobile customers who are peeved your carrier won’t be offering the iPhone 4S this year (if ever), you could grab an unlocked version and use it on T-Mobile’s network. Otherwise, the unlocked and subsidized iPhone 4Ses are essentially identical devices that offer the same functionality: iOS 5 and iCloud, Siri, dual-core A5 processor and an 8-megapixel camera.

    I usually prefer unlocked devices as they give me the flexibility to use the same phone anywhere I go but at $649 for the 16 GB iPhone 4S, I would really have to love the phone (even when it becomes out-dated) to sink that much money into a single device. What about you? Will you go for the more palatable, subsidized price tag or buy your freedom from the get-go with an unlocked iPhone 4S?
    Since T-Mobile is locked out from getting the iPhone I will most likely buy an unlocked 32gb. I'm still using a 3Gs that I got on release day and it's time to upgrade. I figure I'll break even with keeping my grandfathered $5.99 unlimited internet plan cost wise and I'm fine to continue to endure the slower edge speeds. I hate paying that much up front, but to be unlocked and not under contract is my favorite way to go. I also figure I can recoup most of the cost when the 5 comes out by selling.

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    I read that AT&T is only letting u preorder just 1 iPhone it's that right??The reason I ask is cuz I'm on a family plan and my wife and I want the 4sThxs

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    I got through around 3:40am in the Apple Store, got everything ordered. Everything went through, I got billed on my cc, and my upgrade has been used. BUT my reservation is not found when I checked it a few moments ago, hopefully this is just a issue with Apple a bit behind because of the surge of online purchasing.

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    That's funny I thought I was the only one with this problem. I too have the issue of my shipping address being the wrong one, I'm sure once the craziness ends we will be able to call in or go online and change it.

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    649, 749, and 849 for unlocked? Yeah no thanks

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    Pre ordered a 16gb white at about 6am on Att website. Went smooth for me. Upgraded early and cost $450

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigt160 View Post
    That's funny I thought I was the only one with this problem. I too have the issue of my shipping address being the wrong one, I'm sure once the craziness ends we will be able to call in or go online and change it.
    Yeah, I have to imagine so. Although, I still haven't received an email from Apple! Been almost 3 hours since I "completed" the order. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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    I ordered from the UK Apple store this morning through Mac.

    After logging on with my Apple ID and choosing my models (4s 32GB B & W) I got the "Oops I found an error".
    Several times.
    Finally after refreshing several times, I got to continue to check out page, where I was met with ANOTHER "Oops..." message. Several times.
    After hitting "Place My Order" it said "Processing order" for about 10 minutes.

    Since I was on Chrome browser I thought I'd leave it there and try again in Safari.
    Same procedure and error messages as above until placing the order. This went through after 3 refresh.

    SO, coming back to Chrome browser - still in "Processing order"... I shut that down.
    I then received a confirmation email from Apple confirming my order.

    8 minutes later another confirmation email ticked into my inbox.... So I ordered 2x2 iPhone 4S 32GB - same name, Apple ID, credit card etc.Well, my family members want one anyway so I will keep the orders...

    But I thought I was limited to 2 iPhones - per Apple ID or credit card, or delivery address whatever they go by.Apparently not when ordering in succession.

    All in all, a horrid experience that can only improve going forward. Hope you guys had more luck :-)
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    Patiently waited till 3am like a lot of others did, it wasn't until after 4am that navigation on the and ATT sites were "manageable." Sprint's site work flawlessly for about 30 mins then it crashed. Verizon's site seemed to be working the entire time without issue. The Apple store app on my phone wasn't working either! Finally gave up at about 5am and woke up at 9am. From there I was able to navigate on those same sites without issue, BUT when I saw that confusing unlimited plan on ATT's site I opened a chat session to speak to customer service. We all know that was a freaking waste of time as the customer service rep stated the issue was with my Safari browser on my Macbook Pro as the site recommends Internet Explorer, really??? Anyways, the wife and I placed our orders via the Apple Store app on our iphone 3gs' without problems or confusions! As I'm writing this I just got my confirmation email from Apple ... 4 hours later!

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    I pre-ordered 2 iPhones... For my line is the 16 GB and I decided to open a second line for 32 GB... Now for the second line, how much should I sell it for? I just opened the other line so I can sell it to get money... and whats a good price for the 16 gb

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortopher View Post
    850 is MSRP, not what AT&T paid for it.
    Actually, AT&T pays close to that. Nobody knows the exact amount, but Apple has no reason to mark it down much (the carriers are falling all over themselves trying to buy them from Apple).

    Just look at the purported $20 billion Spirit paid to get the iPhone. That was for 30 million iPhones over four years. That equals out to $667 per iPhone on average (of varied capacities of course, MSRP ranges between $550 and $850)... and they had to agree to buy 30 million to get that price! They only have 27 million subscribers!

    Quote Originally Posted by gldoorii View Post
    Gain nothing? Actually, they'd gain another 2 year contract of guaranteed payment. I'm eligible for upgrade in March and my contract expires in July. I understand your point, but mine is that by allowing me to upgrade after 12mths would make them money for another 2 years. By not allowing the upgrade with my contract expiration date being so close is like they're tempting me to look at other carriers. Sure, I stayed with AT&T for the iPhone, but now I have options.
    I see your point, but in fairness, they wouldn't be getting another 2 years from you. They'd be extending your contract for 15 months (you still have 9 months left). And they'd be taking a $450 hit on subsidizing your phone. And if you're early upgrade isn't until 3/12, you're plan isn't a high dollar one (they let you upgrade even earlier depending on how much your plan costs), so I'm not sure how much more money they'd be getting by letting you upgrade early- not to mention you'd just want to upgrade early again when the i5 came out, causing this entire issue again (and cutting further into their margins just to keep you happy). That's assuming you'd even leave in the first place. Their reason for doing this is to reduce the risk that you would- it isn't a given that you will leave. I'm pretty sure none of the other carriers have as generous of an upgrade policy (at least with iPhones), so you might be waiting even longer between models on Sprint or Verizon.

    I wish everyone would give us free iPhones and let us upgrade every year, but from a business standpoint, I can see why they do what they do. Outside of the US, you generally have to pay full price for a phone! Imagine always buying an iPhone for the full unlocked price!

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    My preorder didn't go through and I wasn't about to stay up even later than I already had. Later that morning (around 9am) it said that I already had an order in. Called about an hour ago and they were very helpful at Apple. They checked to make sure I didn't have an order, and I did not. They aren't holding preorders at the actual Apple stores like they did last year. This is a huge letdown. Preordering online and getting it shipped isn't an option. I am wanting to use an upgrade available on another line on my family plan and this can't be selected online, so I get to brave the Apple store on Friday morning. Dropping my fiance off at the airport Thursday afternoon, so I am considering waiting in line. All in all this is a bit of a letdown. I am betting Apple had a lot of preorders that never got picked up at the Apple store last year, It's the only reason I can think of to not allow for reorders to be picekd up at the Apple store this year.

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    i got the same message. and then this morning i had a confirmation email with receipt number... my preorder has been succesfully placed. woot wooot!!!

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    FYI, for those of you with address issues, Apple's website seems to be functional now. I finally got the confirmation email (about 5 hours after I placed the pre-order!), and was able to log into my apple account to update my shipping address.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VerizonIphone4_help View Post
    Well i guess if verizon can't give us faster download speed on the 4S at least they let us get some extra shut eye this morning!
    I was 10 min late try to order from AT&T lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by jibaro3 View Post
    I was 10 min late try to order from AT&T lol
    Did the pre orders end or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy
    I get to brave the Apple store on Friday morning. Dropping my fiance off at the airport Thursday afternoon, so I am considering waiting in line.
    Camping out is pretty fun, you meet a lot of people doing it. I have some good friends to this day that I met from camping for the i4 last year.

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    around 12:30 PST, I refreshed the preorder page and was able to click and buy a white 16gb 4s (unlocked I suppose for Canada??) no carrier option. page timed out a few times however went back and was able to complete it hopefully it arrived on the release date not a couple of days late!

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    Was right there waiting refreshing the screen until they opened the doors. I was able to pick what one I wanted etc however the processing part of my order kept hanging and hanging. So I opened another browser window and started the buying process again... it took me probably 15 times to keep trying after two hours I was finally able to order my phone and by then it was 5:00 a.m. When the order kept hanging I kept getting error message and try again messages as well... however it was a good time while trying! Guess I am a die hard! lol

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