Earlier this week it was one fake Chinese Apple Store, then authorities realized China was huge and there were likely more and found an additional 22 fake Apple Stores. Now Apple is bringing the fight stateside and suing two stores in Queens New York for selling knock off merchandise.

The two stores, Apple Story and Fun Zone, are being sued for trademark infringements based on accusations of selling allegedly fake iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories. The fake accessories even don the Apple logo and trademark "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China." Also, Apple is asking that Apple Story change its name for obvious reasons.

United States District Court Judge Kiyo Matsumoto already awarded Apple an injunction to stop both of the accused parties from selling knockoff merchandise, but has yet to rule whether or not Apple Story must change its name. Apple is seeking to have the remaining counterfeit goods destroyed as well as to determine what triple monetary damages might be.

Apple is going for the throat, and rightfully so, but the U.S. side of the story isn't over yet. Apple included a number of undisclosed business and individuals, "who made, sold or distributed the alleged counterfeit goods," in the suit. More lawsuits will likely be on the way.

Or maybe some Steve Jobsian vigilante justice.

Source: PC World