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Thread: Article: Interactive Billboard Lets Swedish iPhone Users Win Food

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    Default Interactive Billboard Lets Swiss iPhone Users Win Food

    There is nothing better than winning. Well, maybe winning again. And again. And if you did that in Stockholm Sweden you would enter cardiac arrest.

    Only you and Charlie Sheen could then proclaim that you accomplished so much "Win" that you ultimately lost.

    You see, in Stockholm there is an interactive billboard iPhone users, and I imagine other smartphone users, can access via Once on the page, those roaming around nearby engage in a game of Pong, displayed on the giant billboard pictured above. If you last more than 30 seconds your reward is a juicy something-or-other at McDonalds.

    Please bring this Stateside. And please let it be sponsored by anyone other than McDonalds.

    Source: TUAW

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone rashad1's Avatar
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    Swedish people aren't Swiss

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    iPhoneaholic plcrules's Avatar
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    omg some 1 give me the latitude and longitude or address of this place use location faker on safari and play against the swedish ppl and get free stuff in america
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    That seems like a horrible distraction. I could see people driving swerving onto sidewalks mesmerized by someone playing pong on their iPhone haha.

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    let's get one in the states eh?

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    Seen this on Engadget a few days ago

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    Nothing wrong with McDonald's, they have a lot of good stuff, you aren't one of those uppity Palo Alto or Atherton types are you?

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    i dont know wich planet you are living in?? in mine stockholm is in sweden and not switzerland!!!!

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    Default lol
    Quote Originally Posted by rashad1 View Post
    Swedish people aren't Swiss
    yep, I would really expect more from the people who work in the media

    well, nevermind, not my problem

    To the author of this article: Sweden = Swedish

    (while Swiss = Switzerland)

    Sweden is very nice country by the way, and very nice people, was there once
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    My iPhone is a Part of Me TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
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    This is a misleading article. The title says that people can win food, but upon reading the whole thing, I discover that they actually just win McDonalds instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plcrules View Post
    omg some 1 give me the latitude and longitude or address of this place use location faker on safari and play against the swedish ppl and get free stuff in america
    You don't need the longitude and latitude to fake the location. Just zoom out, go to sweden, go to the billboard and zoom back in. Note that you have to be in sweden to redeem your prizes.

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