You may recall Fling for iPad, the analog joysticks that we covered a few months ago. Well now Ten One Design has introduced a smaller version for the iPhone aptly named Fling mini. The Fling mini is a pair of analog joysticks that attaches to the screen of your iPhone and is designed to give gamers a more comfortable and intuitive way to interact with iOS games. Touchscreens are great for day-to-day tasks, but for some, they don’t offer the best gaming experience possible.

I got a chance to test out a few games using Fling with an iPad at Macworld Expo this year. Using Fling made a big difference when playing some types of games. It gives you better control than when you use a touchscreen alone. You really feel like you’re playing a regular console game when using Fling. I imagine the iPhone version will offer gamers a similar experience to the iPad version.

According to Ten One Design’s website, “Many developers have optimized their game for Fling mini, so you won't have any trouble finding Fling mini compatible apps. Anything with a virtual joystick on-screen will work.” A complete list of games specifically designed to work with Fling mini can be found here.

Fling uses suction cups to attach to the iPhone’s screen and depending what game you want to play, you can either use one or both Fling minis at a time. Fling mini is made of anodized aluminum and flexible engineering-grade resin so it should be able to withstand just about any punishment you can throw at it.

Ten One Design states, “The mechanical spring is tuned for the perfect amount of resistance. You'll discover a new world of precision control the first time you use Fling mini.” Fling mini will be available starting in July for $24.95.

Source: Ten One Design