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Thread: iTunes Activation Server Down?

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    just tried updating my i4 and got the error.

    connect my ipad2 and updated just hooked the i4 and it is updating. i think apples server might still be on/off.
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    I'm now able to restore; it's running as I type this. And the update / re-JB saga begins again....

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    still can't restore getting
    itunes error 3194
    as well as
    itunes Server Down
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    you must have little snitch installed in you mac, which might be blocking the home calling by itune.
    it could be your firewall blocking.

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    Thank you very much

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    just tried updating my ipad 2 and getting the error saying its not elegible for request build

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    Ha! Was emailing about connection problems myself here... this was their response...

    I'm sorry to hear that you can't connect to the iTunes Store.

    Peg, I have verified that the iTunes Store is functioning and accepting connections, which indicates that the issue is related to your internet connection, local network, or your local computer itself. This article outlines some of the likely culprits:

    Can't connect to the iTunes Store

    Apple Discussions are another source of information about iTunes, where everyone from new users to professionals can interact and share their knowledge and experiences. You may find another user with the same operating system or ISP that may be able to help resolve this issue. You can find the iTunes discussions group at:

    I hope this information is helpful. Have an awesome day!

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    Its still doesent work

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    still not working for me. I cant update my ipad 2..

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    tried to upgrade to the current build and I'm getting the error message "this device isn't eligible for the current build".
    Any ideas?

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    Yeah same here I am stuck on 4.3 iPad 2 now cant update..!?!! Ugh
    Dont be that guy..!!!

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    My Ipad 2 is stuck in recovery mode. I updated to 4.3.3 and now I just get the Itunes logo on my IPad screen and itunes says there is an issue with myt device. I am not very impressed I have contacted apple support and they say I have to take it to an apple store. Does anyone know how I get it out of recovery mode??


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    If you read on myi it sated the apple was down

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    Alright guys i found a solution! This worked for me perfectly and i was able to restore and update my iPad 2 last night. Im on a MAC btw.. Do the following steps and then reboot your computer and restore the ipad. Should work right after. Open TERMINAL on your computer then do the following steps.. If it gets stuck at 95% at restore which i had the same problem, if you have wi-fi sync then uninstall it. After you update you can re-install it again. Hope this helps!

    Type sudo su

    Press enter

    Then enter your password and hit enter

    Type vi /etc/hosts

    Move your cursor with the down arrow to the line that has without a # at the beginning of the line.

    Move cursor to the beginning of that line.

    Type i# then press the esc key.

    Type :wq

    Press enter

    Type exit

    Press enter

    Now you can quit out of the terminal application. This likely is a problem caused by Tiny Umbrella denying itunes communicating with the apple servers. Now reboot computer and update iphone/ipad!
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