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Thread: Apple Reportedly Planning to Use Sharp's Futuristic p-Si LCDs for iPhone 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan1683 View Post
    If it's a legitimate rumor then why is everyone upset that it's being posted? I like the idea I can learn everything about upcoming devices and future technology. It seems to me everyone is upset because their IP5 experience is getting ruined with newer device speculation. Get a grip guys it's just an article.
    i'm sorry but what exactly is a "legitimate rumor"?

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    Y do they wait so late to begin production of key components if this Is true about the LCD displays

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    There need not be much more than the iPhone 4. The retina display is more than your eyes can decipher already so any "better" screens are better for what? How is a screen that is already beyond the eyes capability of seeing detail going to get any better? Do you get free LASIK with the purchase of the EYEphone?

    As for speed, speed is a good thing but the phone already runs apps at pretty much their capacity. You would have to have much more demanding apps than the current ones to take advantage of any to processor boost. This WILL happen in the future as computing progresses, but it will be a bit away so even if it dropped tomorrow, you couldn't use it..... It would be worthless aside of it's "potential".

    We are at the boundary of our current setups. Until the apps advance further, your safari and mail and iCal are running at 200% speed on the current processor. They are maxxed out and have a full 100% to spare. They can't get any faster. Safari speed is your connection, the hardware is solid. A far as 4g, even if they produce a 4g phone, where are you going to use it?not AT&T.

    Could they bump the camera? Sure, but we've seen the current one........ it's more than most people need already. It's actually fantastic and that is all you need as there are no compromises.

    So go buy your iPhone 4 and 5, from here there is nowhere to go right now even if new hardware is produced it would hold no specific advantage in the current technology.
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    Wow, we're really looking into the future for this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buttrr76 View Post
    Once again I read a article that makes me want to delete modmyi off my iPhone.
    Did u delete it yet?

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    Iphone6 "may" support 4g lte ?? Seriously, I would think that would be a no brainer for the iPhone 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by iFiend View Post
    Jesus! Lay off guys...

    The door is thataway---->
    No one is forcing you to read these articles...

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    only time will tell

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    Any word on the iPhone 7?

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    I heard the Iphone 6 will have a built in Fleshlight

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