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Thread: Mobile Payment Startup Square Gets Apple Nod

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    As people have stated, I got a reader for free back in October. The $1000 limit is a big problem, but I'm sure that will be lifted for good customers.

    BTW, if you have a big charity event having a smoking hot lady walk around with this asking for credit cards can do quite well. When she ask "How much would you like to donate?" people tend to say a much bigger number than they would write on a sheet of paper with nobody looking.
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    I already heard about this square thing about a year ago. I think it pretty sweet especially if your making a business but I don't plan on making a business anytime soon. Maybe if Apple implements a thing where you can just swipe your card to buy a song or app off of iTunes instead of entering in all that credit card info, I would buy it.

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    I love the concept, but I don't think I'll ever have the pleasure of using one of these.

    It would be really cool if they had a little slot or strip on all cell phones that could read a card.

    Then transferring money from one checking account to another could be done in a simple swipe.

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    Where I work there's a number of catering trucks that show up at lunch time. I saw one that had a line 10X longer than the others, the operator was taking payments via debit cards with her iPhone 4.

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    Yeah, what's up with the shape of that swiper? It looks flimsy. Is the longer, more-durable-looking shape patented?

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    Got my reader via Square in the mail two weeks ago. Its awesome love it

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    Guesss no jailbroken phones are welcome

    There user agreement ;

    5. Compatible Mobile Devices and Third Party Carrier Fees.
    Your Square Account permits you to accept payment card transactions on a compatible mobile device. Devices modified contrary to the manufacturer’s software or hardware guidelines, including but not limited to disabling hardware or software controls—sometimes referred to as “jailbreaking”—are not compatible mobile devices. You acknowledge that the use of a modified device to use the Service is expressly prohibited, constitutes a violation of the terms of this agreement, and is grounds for termination of your Square Account. Square does not warrant that the Service will be compatible with your mobile device.

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    I use square and its amazing. I can visit my clients and have them pay me instantly and issue them a receipt right away. The app can use some features to it like products you enter to make some quick transactions. And invoicing all together like freshbooks does. And emails terms and privacy policy. With receipt. But other than that its a great tool for any business or freelance owners to use

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    Man, it is a great offer, sad they say they don't serve us here in Puerto Rico. A credit card transaction is a credit card transaction no matter were are you located. They are missing a huge business here on the island. Anyone know any other solution that can be used?

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    When is this bloody thing coming to the UK ......We Need it here more then ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Love square! I have had it since September and use it quite frequently. It is great for businesses who are on the go, or deliver items to customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninthchamber99 View Post
    I dont even have a business but something like this makes me want to start one up!!

    Or pass this along to my friends that I know will use this.
    FYI, you don't need a business in order to use this. It works for personal use with personal checking/savings accounts also.

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    Yay i have one already
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    Use it, love it! Works great! No issues.

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    Yes finally credit cards can now be used for drug sales!!!

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    So let's say I'm at work and I'm going on a food run. If everyone only has their credit card, can I use this to collect money from everyone?

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    I bought 5 of these today. Cant wait to try them out next week

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    I tried to get one but couldn't because it isn't available in Canada.

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    there's no more 15 cent charge....

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