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Thread: Some Cydia Packages Incompatible with iOS 4.3.1

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    5 row keyboard is a definite no go so far as is shrink but I'm hoping for updates soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by politicalslug View Post
    There are always incompatibilities when updating the OS. I can only hope this article is here for the express point of slapping R.Petrich in the face for not updating Action Menu. Sadly he's not the only dev who's neglected to update their app. Phoenix3200's music controls pro is also in need of an update. What confuses me most how these devs act as though they've had no access to 4.3.x even though 4.3 has been jailbroken since since release (albeit tethered). I suppose Chpwn's elitest pr!ck mentality of refusing to code for a "failbreak" (read that as tethered JB) is responsible for these apps not being compatible.
    I love people talk out their ***** with no real clue. MobileSubstrate wasn't updated to work with 4.3 until Sun night and the fakeBreak was missing patches to allow Devs to propperly update their apps/tweaks. If they would have done it your way you'd just be b1tching about the updates not being totally right.
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    InfiniDock won't work for me, MyWi keeps kickin me into SafeMode. BiteSMS works unless I get a text on lockscreen, keyboard pops up then crashes. My3G seems to work, gonna be awhile till all is updated!

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    So far I noticed infinidock doesn't work but infiniboard does. No biggie though. Also is anyone having problems with charging there phone. I charge it but always stops at 94% let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niezam View Post
    Some SBSettings toggle not working for me. Location toggle not really working and 'SBSettings - Power - Lock' takes me to the Safe Mode.

    Anyone can verified the above problem so it's not only me, thanks

    Device: iPhone 4

    I haven't experienced any problems with SBSettings so far. Everything has been working fine.

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    smartscreen ios for ipad forces me into safe mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by pickeledpeter View Post
    Bitesms always leaves the keboard stuck on after a quickreply. I had to reboot phone each time to get it off
    Try loading the official BiteSMS, and not a Cracked version. Bitesms 5.2 is compatible with 4.3.1, and should be the only one available under Legal channels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pickeledpeter View Post
    Mywi 4.0 makes me crash into safe mode every time
    MyWi is up to 4.60.9. Is that the version you are referring to?

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    OpenNotifier doesn't work. It installs, but when choosing the icon you want for an app it crashes to SB.

    FYI- emailed the developer of AppBackup and he's working on a fix.

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    Jammin- I did have a legal version. The remove and reinstalled fixed it however. Thank you.

    Kupe- fixed problem thank you

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    Haven't run into any issues with the following:

    MyWi 4.60.9
    LockInfo w/ weather plugin
    SBSettings 3.2.1
    Mobile Terminal 520-1
    VLC media player 1.1.1
    iFile 1.5.0-4
    Activator 1.5.4
    OpenSSH 5.8p1-9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maarten16 View Post
    MakeItMine isn't working either.
    makeitmine quit working after 4.1 due to the way it modifies system files. Apple changed something in 4.2.1 and beyond.

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    Appbackup no go for me either. I was able to manuall shsh my back up tarballs into my most important apps.

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    With mywi, truprint,celestie etc 4.2.1 is as good as 4.3.1 save yourselves the trouble of upgrading after all not much was change with 4.3.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by shogunx02 View Post
    YourTube 2 isn't working properly either, when installed it crashes iPod app
    I ran into this problem also, my iPod app crashes on startup, but I uninstalled YourTube 2 and it still crashes. is there anything else I have to do to get the iPod app working again?
    iPhone 4 / 4.3.1 / redsn0w

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeroskater61 View Post
    I had a feeling something like this might happen which Is why I wasn't in any rush to update and JB my idevice on 4.3.1
    Good thing I decided to wait I almost pull the trigger and did it while at work.

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    what about infinidock?

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    HD photographer on ipt4g does not work nor does modifying the plist manually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamborghini615 View Post
    what about infinidock?

    Infinidock is working fine here, only problem so far for me is backgrounder and music controls pro.

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    backgrounder does work!
    the problem is it got a "wrong" Firmware string. I modded the required Firmware to 4.3.1 and the version ro 1.0.3-2 (so it wont tell u there is update available)
    download link: - where your files have to be uploaded to (if this isnt allowed pls delete it )

    EDIT: Just saw there is a new Version out in the repo... install on 4.3.1 is now allowed!
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