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Thread: Major Corporations Turn Attention to Jailbreak Scene

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    This could be good for both companies and the JB community, we both stand to win something from this. The more apps we can get in Cydia from companies the more attention it'll bring to us which means more members.

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    Jailbreaking is awesome. When I jailbreak, I feel like its MY device and not apple's

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    Quote Originally Posted by sykeck View Post
    i think apple has to do something.

    maybe they should think about ther appstore policitys.
    e.g they could add a section to the app store as "non tested apps"
    for this section you have to agree something like apple is not responible for damages or additional coasts.

    and in this section everybody can release things.
    Wow! I was thinking the exact same thing the other day. They should have a nontested or section for apps that gain root access, and have a warning or agreement there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayzeur22 View Post
    Wow! I was thinking the exact same thing the other day. They should have a nontested or section for apps that gain root access, and have a warning or agreement there.
    I think apple should put items on the app store when a lot of people request it.

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    I really don't think Apple is as concerned with the jailbreaking as they are with patching the exploits so that they don't have a sudden rush of DoS attacks on iphones using those same exploits. They know that jailbreaking is a huge boon for them and is one of the only things really keeping our little 9% in the iphone scene anyway. They are just trying their hardest to walk that fine line between protecting consumers and keeping profits high.

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    This is awesome.

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    Hmmm....not sure if this is good or bad. Cydia bought out ROCK, they recently purchased another competitor...
    I just hope the hack community gets better with size and power. If a conglomerate is ready to pay millions for advertisements and apps, more apps and hacked enhancements should be free :]

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    I think Adobe should jump on the jailbreak bandwagon and put a flash app on Cydia that would be a major ball-breaker for Steve Jobs. Without Cydia and the amazing apps/themes/mods on it I don't think I would even still have an iphone honestly, because without that stuff it's just plain boring.

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    thats awesome! hopefully we get more companies

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    Now we just need Ferrari to release a theme!

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    The people that think paying people to JB would make it happen quicker really do not understand hackers at all.
    Young Mr Hotz posted this link on his blog The Hacker Manifesto
    It sums it up quite nicely. Hacking is not something you can be paid todo, it is something they do for the love of it. Take the fun out of it and it just would not happen. Money is not a motivation for hackers, it would just make it a job.

    As for a major corporation using a JB theme? Not surprising, a cheap form of advertising. It's not just the jaIlbreaking community they will reach, but people who see the phones with the theme. Good on them!
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    You guys know how many designers come out with their own themed phone: the Armani phone, the D&G RAZR, etc? What if they decided to make their own themes? Lol, they would be so cheesy! Sorry, that is what came to mind when I read this article.

    While it is true that true hackers cannot be bought, I'm sure that there would be a way to offer monetary incentives to them if they beat a timeframe or whatever. Know what I'm sayin?

    All-in-all, this is pretty cool. The Scion brand is pretty big, and the fact that they are trying to appeal to another audience is cool. It would be interesting to see if other companies or even musicians followed suit.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moon#pie View Post
    Windows let your neighbors see you naked unless you put up curtains ($100 a year virus protection).
    Lol another of bill gates scams!

    And macs are like those annoying shipping trucks! (Mack trucks)

    I predict that if major corporations join the jailbreak scene, then apple will be forced to give in and stop being anti-jailbreak.

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    Well, it had to happen some day! It's going to make my LIFE when Apple submits a jailbreak theme or app! (Probably won't happen as they can launch apps whenever they want :P )

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    Quote Originally Posted by teej1410 View Post
    Jailbreaking is awesome. When I jailbreak, I feel like its MY device and not apple's
    I feel exactly the same way. Apple just doesn't want anyone to have fun. They're always trying to hold you back from TRULY using your iPhone or iPod Touch. But once you jailbreak, you really CAN use it.

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    More companies should make themes maybe sony can make a theme on how they feel about geohot

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    Quote Originally Posted by klouud View Post
    I would totally pay for a flash app in Cydia - I'd pay up to $25 for it.
    I usually don't like paying for things that are this much, but I would def buy this from Cydia just to shove it into Apple's face

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman247 View Post
    This had to happen. Apple should really except the inevitable, jailbreaking will happen no matter what. They must know that many of their devices are sold on the fact that they are jailbreakable. My answer to apple is employ the brains behind the jailbreaks and hacks and manufacture your phones the way we want them. One's we can mod, customize etc.
    Amen. I'd come back from Android if they allowed this. I just got sick of all the hacks and tweaks I had to do on all idevices to get what I want.
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