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Thread: iPhone 5 Enters Trial Production, Full Production Beginning Quarter 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by thazsar View Post
    Every year I've been able to upgrade at the upgrade price. $200 and I've been able to get the latest phone. Selling ur old phone puts money in ur pocket!
    I've been able to do the same. AT&T has my line set for renewal every May.

    I love it! Sell my unlocked iPhone and upgrade plus profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleye View Post
    Sweeeet. My contract will be up and ready for the new iPhone. Sooo glad I waited with my 3GS and didnt splurge on an iPhone 4. That A5 is gonna rock... I just hope they do a 64gb model. 32gb just isnt enough anymore.
    ME 2.........I waited an my contract was up since last month...patiently waiting...i hope its early summer 3gs is crashing an getting on my last nerves.

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    To those of you who have the 3GS:

    I rationalized not getting the 4 because it didn't look like it was that much better of a phone on paper. But I was wrong.

    In December, 2010, I lost my 3GS with 2 months left on my contract. So I went back to ATT and was able to purchase the iphone 4, with a new contract, for $299.

    It really is that much better ...
    speed, looks, functionality, RAM

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    ^soooo everything you just said about how it's better....wasn't on paper before you bought it?! You're not making sense man.

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    I just wonder if any iphone will ever have a bigger screen than the Android?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Syn View Post
    I wonder what the iPod 5 will look like

    Sent from my iPod touch using ModMyi

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    well iphone playing catchup it would be nice if it got totally redesigned overall but i cant wait even though i wont even be half way through my contract by summer , but with apple they have a special upgrade so i always get mine before 2 years

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    If the recent rumors are true we maybhave to wait till the fall or next year. If they can incorporate LTE it may be worth the wait.

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    Why would they make an iPhone 5 so quickly? Apple has enough money as it is, and they haven't had it out long enough to notice any real problems. There just going to add unnecessary hardware, and bull crap that will drain the battery. Apple you need to recognize what your doing.

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