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Thread: iPhone 5 Enters Trial Production, Full Production Beginning Quarter 3

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    I need to upgrade... using the 3Gs here waited and waited for the iPhone 4 in white... and you know the rest!

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    absolutely, i did the exact same thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by IXAdamOwnzXI View Post
    Really hope it has a larger screen and a slide out keyboard
    Larger screen on same size body YES, slide out keyboard NO!

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    and I just got the iP4... well. Imma put this thing up on craigslist before the iPhone 5 comes out and save up for that bad boy

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    Lol @ the people who don't know what a fiscal year is!!

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    China Times again states that we'll see a larger screen,
    One thing I have yet to see be addressed is how will apps work on a 4" screen? The last time apple went through a screen size change was with the iPad, and that worked cuz it could just double the pixels and retain the same proportions without making the devs update their apps. If a 4" iPhone came into play, however, how would that work? Assuming compatibility with old apps, would the old apps function in the same proportion, leaving unused screen space for the hundreds of thousands of apps already available? Would the old apps be stretched on the i5, potentially causing problems? Would there be a segmentation of "compatible with i5 screen size" apps and old apps? This has been bugging me for awhile.

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    Lol wait til it comes out to see. But is production really gonna start in the third quarter so we won't see June-July release?

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    if the screen is bigger they will probably give it the same resolution as the iPhone 4 so all apps will run fine. i cant see them marginally bumping resolutions and creating a third resolution for app devs to support.

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    Yeah with how high res the retina display is I heard you would hardly tell a difference on a bigger screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by blwallace5 View Post
    Lol @ the people who don't know what a fiscal year is!!
    I know what a fiscal year is jackwagon! It's not usually reported that way in the news... The report usually adjusts it to match "civilisation" quarters.

    I would imagine that if CNN picked this story up, they would use our quarters, not Apple's. They don't rule the world yet.
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    I really hope they don't make it thinner or more compact. It's honestly small enough. Use the extra room to pack more horsepower and battery life. I don't want to feel like it's going to snap in half either.

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    First of all why would Apple make the screen bigger?

    It'd ruin their Retina Display and its 326ppi. Apps would need to be altered to work with the 4" screen anyway. I think Apple will stick with 3.5" and the Retina Display for a while and just change from lame LCD to OLED or AMOLED.

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    They are going the wrong way... I want it to be the size of a credit card and fit in my wallet.. maybe on IPhone 25.

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    So glad I kept my 3G iPhone and didn't upgrade
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    If this is half as much as a jump between the 3Gs an the 4, it's an insta-buy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by An App For That View Post
    thats one good first post!
    I don't give a damn about Chuck Norris, Spongebob can grill under water!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitefright View Post
    and I just got the iP4... well. Imma put this thing up on craigslist before the iPhone 5 comes out and save up for that bad boy
    actually best time to get best selling price is now

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    4" screen + dual core... hmm i hope the battery doesn't suck
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    Quote Originally Posted by babyblue_pimp View Post
    4" screen + dual core... hmm i hope the battery doesn't suck
    Another idea they should work on... perpetual motion energy like some watches... thats one for IPhone 25 to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EskimoRuler View Post
    ^ i know right

    Looking forward to it, might have to sell my ip4 to do an early upgrade
    that's what iv'e done for every model!
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