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Thread: MobileNotifier : Improve your iOS Notification System

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyGuy5 View Post
    Great points...

    I suggest you e-mail peter: HERE
    great thenx bro i will

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    Alarm thing this morning caused me to almost throw my phone out the window.. I'll just wait for apple to do it smoother. Back to lockinfo and popup blocker..

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    This is a great start. I tried it, but don't have the use for it, since I don't have texting on my ipad currently. I would like to see iPad support, which would include landscape support as well. This is a little less intrusive, but in order to be more transparent, it would need to have status bar notifications, and also the ability to respond to some of the alerts while in another app or lockscreen/springboard. Great start though! It is nice to see competition to other JB apps, it will only encourage more innovation! 
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    I didnt have any issues with the alarm this morning. Which version were you running? I am on beta3r4

    Quote Originally Posted by priezti View Post
    could not turn off the alarm with it, well, I couldn't turn it off being half asleep anybody had the same issues?

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    This is an INCREDIBLE contribution. The fact that it's FREE (unlike Notified Pro) is showing the true spirit of what the Jailbreak Community should be. I never had to pay for one thing back when I was part of the Windows Mobile and then the WebOS hacking world and I miss that. I know it's dev's choice and some devs want to make a few bucks off their programming skills. I get it and that's totally fine. I'm just saying that I appreciate deeply what Peter has given us. We have no right to complain. Is Peter on Modmyi anywhere? Seems weird that he wouldn't be a forum member and make an official post.

    I was going to make some feature requests, but this is pretty much all of them:

    Quote Originally Posted by my1past1is1ur1future View Post
    ok i've tried this bata it's very awsome but it has some issues and i hope someone could inform this developer bout them
    1. it makes all notifications have the same sound which is the sms ringtone (i rather each app has its own sound)
    2. (this one is personal) when i'm in sbringboard or inside any app, it shows only one notification at top of the screen even if there were multiple senders from different social networks(if i at least could configer how many i could view or etc that would be really great)
    3. it causes many apps crashes with use over time.
    4.during multitasking screen it shows multipe notification for one person for each text he sends (to me if it only shows one for each person its much better)
    5.on lockscreen sometimes i can and sometimes i can't access the notification (additionally, i rather if theres option wither i want it to be viewed on lockscreen or not coz i already use lockinfo)
    6. it causes bugs and lags with switcherboard. when i try to do multitasking on lockscreen.
    7. it doesn't support landscape mode.
    and that's it . those were the main issues i've faced so far. it would be really good if i have the ability to configer it in settings app. and one more thing, if this tweak could have the ability to reply to notifications without the need of going to each app and reply to each text that would be really amazing. i mean like same how bitesms works but bitesms is only for sms texts unfortunatelly soo..
    i hope these things would be considered i donno how to contact that developer (i donno how this blogs things work etc)so if someone could i would really appreciate it. other than that it's a real awsome tweak
    thenx in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlbgc View Post

    BiteSMS compatibility required.
    x2, but it's an awesome initiative for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iYeow View Post
    It does show on the lockscreen but when i tap on it, doesn't open up , i am running IOS 4.2.1 on iphone 4.

    I have Intelliscreen too , thought that might be a problem but i disabled it , Notifier still doesn't open up upon tapping.
    In order to get the message displayed on your lock screen you need to go to settings> Activator> Select "At lock screen">scroll down to the option that says "double tap clock" and select that. It should then come up with a screen saying "currently assigned to :..." it shouldn't be assigned to anything yet this is because the creators most likely wanted to keep security and protect the users privacy of messages. What you want to do is assign the "double tap clock" function to " com.peterhajassoftware...." it should be listed right below the "currently assigned tab"

    If you need more assistance don't be afraid to ask. This product is great none the less.

    "If you don't know what a jailbreak is, how to jailbreak, or even what an OS or IOS is, you are in the wrong place and shouldn't have messed with the SSH"

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    Quote Originally Posted by iCeDmAn View Post
    How would this work with iRealSms? if they could work together or iRealSms take a cue from MobileNotifier I would much prefer those graphics!
    If only I could show you our our latest project I have installed on my iPhone right now in regards to this comment... ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by qgshadow View Post
    Sure , Cuz everything apple does is copying what the jailbroken community does.
    Amen to that brother. you just got a thanks for that

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    I have it on iPhone 4 with 4.2.1 and don't notice any problems at all usability wise.

    It bypasses androidLockXT though, so privacy is a concern. Apart from that, I like it. Thanks for the beta. I'll be using it for the foreseeable future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by priezti View Post
    could not turn off the alarm with it, well, I couldn't turn it off being half asleep anybody had the same issues?
    Opposite issue here. This kills snooze so I was an hour late for work since it never ran the alarm again after I snoozed it in my sleep.

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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    Anyone know how to delete the notification on the lockscreen. Tapping on it has no effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iYeow View Post
    Anyone know how to delete the notification on the lockscreen. Tapping on it has no effect.

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    I very rarely post.... But i must say this is one awesome app

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    I believe we are going too be seeing alot from this developer. I mean this is his first development for the iDevice ( at least I think it is, correct me if I'm wrong cause I would love too see what else he has done ) he is obviously very talented. Let's keep supporting him and his work, he could be a great contribution too the Jailbreaking community. I absolutely love this tweak.
    And Steve Jobs said "Let there be light... and lets put that into an app also"

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    Has anyone got this to work/does it work with email push notifications. I cant seem to get anything from gmail.

    i'm not sure if it is meant to though as you don't get a bubble notification normally when a new email arrives.

    There is also a partial workround for bitesms users. In BiteSMS settings you can disable quick reply and opt for the traditional apple alert in unlock screen mode. MobileNotifier will then work when at your homescreen/in apps.

    You still keep the bitesms alert on at the locksreen, allowing quick replies etc.

    Granted there is no quick reply with this whilst in an app.

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    What is the latest beta for this?

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    I am using MobileNotifier and it was working fine. Now I don't get the pop-up notifications, they only appear in the dashboard when I double press the homebutton. I use tlert so I desactivated it and now it works again. What I don't understand is why the first couple of days I would receive my SMS as usual through the tlert quickreply pop-ups and also MobileNotifier notifications from my other sources(Facebook,twitter,etc), and now MobileNotifier not function correctly.

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    same here. the popup on springboard doesnt show at all

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    I have just jailbroken my iP4 just for this app!

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