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Thread: Modder Puts FaceTime on iPad

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    Default Modder Puts FaceTime on iPad

    Amid the din of claims and counter-claims about the second-generation iPad, one prediction is pretty much a sure thing: it will do FaceTime. One clever modder has come up with a kludge to allow that on current iPads, though without a front-facing camera it'll only let you see, not be seen. It's an interesting bit of work, though it requires Apple frameworks and so couldn't be made into a Cydia app without violating copyright, which would be a dumb thing to do.

    Someone going by the name of Intell posted a how-to over at the MacRumors forums on the process, which involves extracting some frameworks and the MobilePhone app from the iPod touch version of iOS 4.2.1 (there have been problems reported with the iPhone 4 version) and logging in via SSH to make some modifications. What you end up with is a that appears as and lets you see FaceTime calls from other iDevices.

    It's still at the kludge stage, and though Intell says he's working on an AppleScript to make the mods easier, it seems like people are having problems with their iPads despite doing all the steps right. And you still can't be seen, obviously, due to the lack on a video camera. However, if one day PhotoFast finally releases that iPad webcam they promised back in June, or somebody else figured out how to do it, this would be an awesome workaround... especially if you paired it with My3G.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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    No front facing camera means you'll have to facetime in front of a mirror .. LMAO, Make sure you flush the Toilet !!!!!

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    this is such a useless post and mod, nothing else to post ?
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    There is nothing wrong with this article, plenty of people would be interested in one way FaceTime. My motherinlaw lives far away, the ability to see her grandkids fullscreen on her iPad would be epic, she could care less / prefer it. Skype barely works for her on her crap laptop. So I hope this mod pans out!

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    What an awesome mod.

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    Well or you could just use the latest version of the Skype app to accomplish exactly the same thing, but I guess if you don't like doing things the easy way

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    Title should've been "Modder wastes hours of his time"

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    Yeah it's too bad his talent was wasted on something already for free in the App Store that also works over 3G

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    Quote Originally Posted by cadsii View Post
    this is such a useless post and mod, nothing else to post ?
    I mean, you could always just not click on the link. Sheesh

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    For me I am just amazed at how people are able to to code and decode be able to even do things like this rather it is useful or not.....

    guess thats the nerd in me..
    King Los aka Los Ninyo

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    I agree carlos. I find it cool for some of the same reasons Teban stated, and if i had a few hours to spare, id give it a try as well. Hopefully someone will put in cydia, as I will surely download this.

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    MMI will not post articles unless they are a week old!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hornet18 View Post
    MMI will not post articles unless they are a week old!
    ease up on the hater-ade.
    "they're trashing our rights. hack the planet!"

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    "though it requires Apple frameworks and so couldn't be made into a Cydia app"

    Is there a suggestion, here, that Cydia apps don't already use Apple frameworks?

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    Default Speaking of week old...
    Quote Originally Posted by hornet18 View Post
    MMI will not post articles unless they are a week old!
    Were your other 5 posts as pointless as this one?

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    Come on, really. HOW ABOUT iMOVIE ON iPAD. That would be. Useful...



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    It's like the skype app I downloaded on a non jailbroken iPad 3G I can see my friends but they can't see me but can here me. This is useful to people that don't have an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch but have an iPad. If only they can figure out how to use the USB camera connection kit for a small cheap or how to get the stock iPod touch camera that you can order online for $30.00 or so to work like they did with the audio through the connection kit.

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    In other news modster puts ashtray on motorbike.

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    It's already on here search for iMovie on iPad for the post & use FullForce to make it stock iPad size then it works just like on the iPhone 4 the only thing is no camera but you still have all the transisions & upload photos and video from your iPhone camera roll or from your fav HD camcorder with the help of the iPad camera connection kit. Works great oh you can buy ReelDirector from the AppStore dose the same thing iMovie dose on an iPad you just don't need to jailbreak your iPad.

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    It's a good alternative to talking to people without a phone or having to message them
    You don't like the iPad because you don't have one!

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